Friday, 17 October 2014

Monthly Snapshot {August & September}

The poor month of August contained such a small amount of photos that to save embarrassment on my part I have combined two months. Luckily in September I was able to get the camera out a little more due to a beautiful farm-stay in Orange, NSW with our dear friends Chris and Melinda and their adorable girls, Maggie and Edie. Although any opportunity to spend time with this lovely family is a treat, this get together was extra special as it was to celebrate Melinda’s 40th. When this trip was in the planning phase I couldn’t believe that she wanted to pass up a big party to stay on a sheep farm with our family, but really when I thought about more it suited her perfectly. Our quietly spoken, gentle, kind-hearted, creative, humble, loving friend asked for quality time with her own family and ours, good food cooked by others, a bushwalk and a cheese cake birthday cake. All these things were easy to deliver, and an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Thank you Melinda for inviting us along. Our families still live apart and every time we spend time together then have to depart, I wish desperately that the distance wasn't there. Your family are pure loveliness and so are you. Happy birthday dear friend. xx
{watching videos of themselves on my ipad...over and over again}
{"look at me mum, I can loom even when I'm not looking}
{practising for book week dress up day - as the little mermaid}
{someone learnt how to ride their bike without training wheels!}
{our accommodation: renovated horse stables}
{collecting sticks for the open fire}
{stick collecting bypassed for sword fighting}
{these two were the sweetest little pair over the weekend. While Harper & Maggie immersed themselves in fairy/princess role-play, Finn & Edie held hands and shared lollies with each other. Finn even tried to teach two year old Edi how to play 'UNO'. It was a cute, if not short lived game}
{of coarse you can have lolly bags at a 40th birthday bash}

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Monthly Snapshot {July}

{Bringing a bit of book love to the school holidays: Visiting the Bob Graham exhibition at the cmag}
{enjoying a post-exhibition drawing session.....with one of Bob Graham's well-loved characters Max in the background}
{theatre going with Mr Finn}
{obsessed by numbers}
{testing out a new playschool song prop for me -three jellyfish sitting on a rock}
{Science experiments in the backyard, on an unusually warm winters day}
{"I got it on my dress!"}
{....cue science time sans clothes}
{Bitterly cold morning = making your own foggy breath}
{...and then the days got even colder}
{a trip out to Corrin Forrest - a snow play area just ouside of Canberra}
{playground mates: Lily + Harper}
{science explorations in the holidays continue}
{'Let it go" duet style}
{on the last day of the school holidays she requested to make mini cupcakes for her pre-school class. she missed her school buddies}
{painting by Finn: cuddles}