Sunday, 7 July 2013

27/52 {the holiday edition, part 1}

This week we set off for a two week holiday to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. A break from the normal home/school/work routine and a shift from the dreary Canberra weather to much warmer days  (a good ten degrees difference). We visit the same holiday spot every two years, joining with Lachie's family. Each time we visit there are new additions to the family, meaning more cousins for Finn and Harper to play with. This year with Finn and Harper being a bit older and more social, they relished the opportunity to be with their cousins. Little cousins looking up to the older cousins and the older kids showing leadership and care with the young ones. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

For this trip we ditched the plane ride and kicked it old school, driving 16 hours in the car. I was dubious that we could do with our sanity in check but I am now on the other side of our big journey and I can say that it was okay. There was whinging, there were tears, there was mess and lots of "are we there yet?" call outs. There was also great tunes, gorgeous scenery, hilarious 'I spy' games and memorable family chats. Plus, there is no better way to truly appreciate your destination than driving for two days with two kids to get there!

{Harper} Our first day at the beach and an absence of swimming gear didn't stop her from entering the water.
{Finn} happy to be by himself, away from the big waves.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{a much needed drinks break}
{"there's sand in my eyes!"}
{a trip to Under Water World}
{Boat ride to Bribie Island}
{must not let sunnies fall in the water}
{a spot of impromptu dancing amongst the trees}
{journaling his daily holiday adventures}


  1. I hope you have a lovely time on your holiday. Looks like you are having fun! Harper's eyelashes in the painted face image are amazing! And Finn looks so adorable with his "fishy" face. :)

  2. great holiday shots!! sounds like the kids were real troopers in the car - well done team! :) the beach shots are awesome... but the drinking together shot made me laugh and reminded me of my two - mmmm lets as close to the drink and as much straw possession as possible :) too cute! loooove the idea of a holiday journal, i might suggest that to lily for our trip it would be so fun for her to draw soemthing from each day!

  3. I love them all but three really stood out for me and they are Harper's painted face (such a dramatic image), Finn dancing in the trees and the hands held framed by the square rope thing with the cube lights (?): just a great shot. Finn is just a walking Renaissance sculpture!!