Monday, 1 July 2013


The half way mark is here and Jodi has encouraged fellow Project 52 participants to stop and reflect on the portraits we have taken so far this year. Below are my three favourite shots of Finn and Harper. I didn’t deliberate over my selections, rather I quickly flicked through and jotted down photographs that jumped out at me. Ones that caught an expression, a glimpse of their true personality or a moment in their childhood that I am blessed to have tucked away on my computer.

2/52- usually beaming with confidence, there are fleeting times when she is unsure and looks for assistance. 
12/52- at her playful best.
18/52- wild and windy hair and a girl who makes me smile.

4/52-his natural smile.  
8/52- acting out his love for all things fire-fighter related.
10/52- his quieter side.

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  1. you chose well! love how these 3 glimpses show different facets of your little loves... sums them up so perfectly :)