Sunday, 2 March 2014

Monthly Snapshot {February}

February, you slayed me. You were jam-packed with whole heap of experiences, transitions and milestones. It was huge, and we are all still recovering. We had school starters (Pre-school for Harper, Kindergarten for Finn), a return to the workforce after a long absence (me), birthdays, travel and sickness. We were introduced to our new normal and learnt a bit about lowering expectations and finding balance.
We are starting a new phase this family of ours. I'm not sure how I feel about it all just yet. I'll tell you when I catch my breath.

{Starting her own jewellery store}
{'Mr Maker', you have a lot to answer for}
{Finn's turn to decorate his classroom's 'This is me' table. He carefully selected items that meant something to him and confidently spoke about them in front of his classmates. }
{visiting her favourite exhibition in Questacon}
{what do you do when you beat your mum at tic,tac,toe? You laugh and laugh...and laugh some more}
{working with clay. inspired by an everyday story}
{Good things come to those who wait}


  1. Gosh I bet you've been feeling in a blur. What a huge transition for your family.

    That photo of Finn and Harper holding hands on the trampoline, oh be still my heart. And the little jewellery shop...and Finn wearing Harper's jewellery, love them :) And wow well done Finn. How nerve-wracking it would have been to speak in front of the class. He looks very proud.

    How is Harper liking dancing? And the clay looks wonderful. Did they like it? Really looking forward to seeing you guy again soon xx

    1. Thanks Kate for your lovely comment! I should reveal that directly after that sweet and tender trampoline handholding moment they were rumbling and shouting at each other ;)
      Harper really enjoys ballet. It's strange as it is a closed door policy, so she goes in and I have no idea what she does in there. She always comes out happy and looks forward to it all week.
      The clay was great! It was surprising, as Harper was reluctant to really get stuck into it and complained about how sticky and messy it was, while Finn got right in there! He liked the texture and particularly enjoyed adding water to the clay to change it's form. He made mountains and volcanoes and stuck with the task for quite some time. Oh man the clean up was intense though!
      Can't wait to see you again too :)

  2. i have been hanging out for these pics!!!! thanks for so many gorgeous ones but i practically have to take notes now to comment on them all!!!! ok - the holding hands on the trampoline - heart melting. the holding hands on the way to school is PERFECT too and i totally want to steal that idea!! LOVE the finn covered in paint (ummmm i know that would have been a big thing for Mr Clean!) and AWESOME about Mr Maker too - he must have been beyond thrilled!!!! so many stunning portraits. and february was truly a mega month for your family!!! a huge transition. a new era indeed... im sure it will take time to find your groove in the new normal but you will and it will be all good. so happy for you and love all these beautiful moments xx

  3. Such a big month for your family but you took time to photograph so many beautiful images, you should be so proud of yourself! Love the one of H with the cucumber haha and the one where H and F are lying down and holding hands, supersweet and such a great perspective. *mwah*

  4. Love, love, love those photos of Harper playing tic-tac-toe!! They put a huge smile on my face! The one of brother and sister holding hands on their way to school (?) is so sweet. Also makes me wish Silas had a sibling. You got a lot of great photos of Finn this week. He gets more handsome every month, and his eyes are just as gorgeous as Harper's!

    1. I meant to say "month" instead of "week" - still stuck in 2013, I guess!