Sunday, 6 April 2014

Monthly Snapshot {March}

The month of March usually signals a change in Canberra. Cool to cold days and an acceptance that the hard Winter months are approaching. A contrast this year is that March was warmish. More time to spend outdoors and even a weekend where the kids danced and ran through the backyard sprinkler. Strange, but wonderful all the same.

This month our Finn turned six. When he hit five years old I could still kid myself that he was still "little", but not with this birthday. He seems grown up. Since starting Kindergarten he has matured and is showing more and more confidence in and outside of school. He is still playful, funny and sensitive but school seems to have given him a chance to foster his independent side, to find and sustain friendships and become immersed in learning. As a solitary man by nature, it has been a long road to feeling comfortable within bigger groups for our Finn, but here he is now, confident and happy being within a class. He's a delight to be with; a curious soul with a tender heart and a lover of all things LEGO. He is six and we love him so.

{hanging out on her new bed}
{writing in her diary}
{We have a reader in the house. We are excited but Finn is in disbelief. "Mum I can't believe it! Did I just read?" Yes you did! YES you did!}
{childhood= bandaids on your knees}
{miniature train rides}
{Unlike Finn, I thought Harper didn't possess my obsessive list-making gene. Seems I was wrong. On our days together she starts the day by requesting that I write down everything we are hoping to do within our day. }
{decorating a cake to celebrate the end of the school week for Finn and one of his friends. Harper was certain she didn't want any help from me. "Mum, I am going to make it perfect. But I'm going to make it MY perfect." Code for 'please don't give me suggestions on how this cake should look.'}
{$8 glow in the dark board from Kmart. Brilliant motivator for writing!}
{"Finn said I could play with his LEGO. He did."}
{this gal is obsessed with technology. We're by no means a high tech family but Harper makes her strong interest known "So you know when I can get my own phone?" She's four. FOUR! This is Harper doing her "letters and numbers", meaning I open up Microsoft word and she types up all the names and words and numbers she knows.}
{good morning big six year old}
{birthday present. I have no idea how he perseveres with these challenging LEGO packs. He got stumped on one section of this creation and I tried to help him. It took all of my brain power to work it out. I was genuinely relieved when he said that he could press on without my assistance.}
{a small birthday party. The theme was the super specific sub-section of LEGO, 'Chima'. I campaigned for weeks for a generic LEGO theme but Chima won in the end.}
{I was stumped when it came to creating a cake for this theme. Let me just say the interwebz  isn't overflowing with helpful hints on how to create a Chima cake. In the end I mashed together I few ideas I saw and this was the result.}
{brothers. Thanks to the gorgeous mum of these two adorable lads, Kate, for snapping so many of the images from Finn's day. You are the best.}
{"how is your cake, Finn?" THIS FACE}


  1. SO MANY GOOD SHOTS!! how do i keep up, lol!!? firstly, wow so many beautiful portraits of harper this month - she is so expressive!!!! love them all. the sprinkler ones are STUNNING. and the perfectly 'perfect' friday cake is super fun - i never think to just bake a cake for fun decorating, should totally do that. the party was wonderful and you put so much love and care into it all. how fun to see finn reading too - it really is the coolest huh. a beautiful mega month xx

  2. So many gorgeous photos, Amber! I think my absolute favourites (if I had to choose!) would have to be the ones of Harper under the sprinkler, they are just beautiful.
    I love, love, love the "happy Friday" cake, what a great idea! We might have to steal that one here one day.
    Happy birthday to your handsome little Six year old, looks like he had a fabulous party to celebrate. Once again, such a beautiful collection of photos :-)

  3. Oh I haven't stopped by here for so long. Always such a lovely look into your beautiful family. Thank you.

  4. Happy Birthday to Finn! 6 is big. I don't know how that happens?! He was such a little tike when we first started chatting. You did awesome with the party theme, I am worried about the day my kids find an interest that even pinterest has difficulty with lol! And look at Finn reading! Love that he is surprised and excited about it at the same time, reading that really made me smile :)

    And Harper! Oh such a character (I know I write that everytime haha but what is it with these second children, they're all so full of life!) I love the photo of her in her room with all the necklaces and of-course the sprinkler shots are really amazing!

    I look forward to next months installment. I hope you guys are all doing really well xx

  5. Again, I am overwhelmed by the number of stellar photos this month. My absolute favorites are the one of Harper with the necklaces in the corner of her room (?) and the first shot of her in the sprinkler. They are both full of character and personality! And I loved her comment about making the cake "my perfect" - clever girl :-)

    You got some great birthday photos of Finn (I'm jealous, Silas just won't cooperate. And if he ever does, the fake smile ruins it). I'm so impressed by your Chima cake. I would have been stumped too, but what you did was just perfect! Like Finn, Silas loves Chima. He even got that same Lego for his birthday :-) That last photo of Finn after eating the cake made me chuckle, what a funny little guy.

    Sometimes I feel like I have a kid that is blend of your two. Silas is so much like Finn when it comes to Lego and so much like Harper when it comes to technology and practicing all of the words/letters/numbers he knows. What fun it would be if we lived closer together! A girl can dream ;-) xx