Sunday, 24 August 2014

Monthly Snapshot {July}

{Bringing a bit of book love to the school holidays: Visiting the Bob Graham exhibition at the cmag}
{enjoying a post-exhibition drawing session.....with one of Bob Graham's well-loved characters Max in the background}
{theatre going with Mr Finn}
{obsessed by numbers}
{testing out a new playschool song prop for me -three jellyfish sitting on a rock}
{Science experiments in the backyard, on an unusually warm winters day}
{"I got it on my dress!"}
{....cue science time sans clothes}
{Bitterly cold morning = making your own foggy breath}
{...and then the days got even colder}
{a trip out to Corrin Forrest - a snow play area just ouside of Canberra}
{playground mates: Lily + Harper}
{science explorations in the holidays continue}
{'Let it go" duet style}
{on the last day of the school holidays she requested to make mini cupcakes for her pre-school class. she missed her school buddies}
{painting by Finn: cuddles}


  1. yayyyy, a blogging fix from you! thankfully im subscribed so got notice of this even though you're not on fb right now! a gorgeous collection and sum up canberra winter school hols perfectly!! love all the home experiments, the outings and the frosty days! the snow day looks so fun too. you got some incredible portraits this month - the shot of H licking the knife and looking at you is PRICELESS! just a stunning face but so comical too. as well as the foggy breath one. and a zillion others.. all so gorgeous! love getting my photo fix from you... such a lovely school hols. bring on the next ones, huh?? x

  2. Yay! I miss YOU!

    Such great photos, Finn looks so happy! And so much like Lachie now! And Miss Harper, ever the character, full of expression. Looks like you had a fantastic holidays, I hope you're all going really well xx