Friday, 11 July 2014

Monthly Snapshot {June}

{My dear friend Kate has helped us in a big way this year. She has solved a childcare dilemma we had with Harper, by looking after her every second Wednesday while I work and Harper has her off-preschool week. That's a supportive friend right there. I try to help her out with her kids whenever I can (which isn't as much as she does for me) and on this day I got to chance to look after Eli while Kate ran some errands. Eli, our little mate who makes us laugh, loves to play and has the most tender and kind heart out there. We all love this kid.}
{Harper channelling Little House on the Prairie. She has been desperate to learn how to sew and after some guidance from my friends Jess and Kate  I put together a little sewing kit for her and she has been hooked ever since.}
{an unexpected trip to the beach with my littlest}
{My very talented friend Sally made this for Harper. Would have been nice to get a proper photo of her "wearing" it but any specific photo requests are met with objection these days}


  1. ahhhh i love your posts and savour them all the more these days :) so many great expressions from H as always!!!! love it. so fun to see eli in there and your lovely words. we LOVE having H with us on wednesdays, she is truly a pleasure and im extra glad to be able to help you out. you have and do help me out in a zillion ways too you know!! such great shots of his happy face here, love it! i am dyiiiiiing over the sewing shots, so serene and little house on the prairie indeed!!! gotta chat to you about putting together a kit as lily would just love one - maybe for her birthday!? the necklace H is wearing is gorgeous too - is that sally h? glad you are still posting in the midst of everything else going on xx

    1. Thanks Kate, although not that many to look at this month. I'm glad to hear that you feel I have been supporting you too - phew! Yes I think Lily would love a little sewing kit. It was seriously very easy to put together. No, the necklace is from my super talented friend Sally, who I have known since Year 6. My oldest friend. She is an incredible artist and super crafty too. Harper was so thrilled to be given such a cool gift :)

  2. You are soooo great at capturing those special expressions! So many stunning photos of Harper this week. I adore the one with her hood and hands over her head. I can imagine what her squealing/laughing would sound like. I also looooove the photo of her in the water holding her skirt up...just so sweet.

    And to your comment about photo requests being met with objection, I know how that feels. Silas has been very difficult to photograph the past several months. If he's not holding his hand up in front of his face, he's making a silly face.

  3. Ummmm that shot with H in the water holding up her skirt in that delicious light - nailed it!

    Missing you on FB my friend, I hope you're well and taking care of yourself in this busy season for you xx