Sunday, 27 January 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013
{inspired by Jodi}
{Harper} Windy evening by the Lake. Canberra may not have the natural beauty of beaches but our man-made lake can look pretty.
{Finn} Enjoying some one on one time with my big guy. Getting a natural smile was the cherry on top.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{style and spunk}
{a few minutes before we left for a playdate with friends finn drew me a map so I would know how to get there.}
{on a friend's suggestion we visited the National Film & Sound Archive. I had never really thought of it as a place to take the kids but I am so glad we checked it out. we were the only people at the fractured heart installation, an interactive sculpture based on Gotye's 'Somebody that I used to know'. It was sensational.}
{.......afterwards I promised Harper that I would show her the filmclip which the sculptured is based on. that afternoon she contributed heavily to the video's youtube views....}
{sharing a milkshake. deciding on which flavour they would have took longer than actually drinking it}
{making strawberry jelly for Friday special treat night. this is Finn's well-used "not another photo mum" face}}
{seeing glimpses of his baby looks}
{laughing at Daddy's 'dad jokes'}
{waiting for Peppa Pig to arrive on stage at the Australia Day Commonwealth Park concert. pure anticipation}
{watching Peppa Pig. quiet, still and stunned}
{distracted by the fly over by the Royal Australian Air Force. the furrowed brow indicates she wasn't impressed with the interruption}


  1. so much cuteness!! you got some more stunners this week - even w all your *other* photo taking ;) LOVE the shots of harper by the lake, and Finn's sweet smile. The map drawing is SO funny and SO finn. Wow the Film and sound archives sounds great, its been a couple years since I have been there and hadnt thought to take kids. Reckon' its worth a trip for mark to take them out? The gotye exhibit looks amazing!!

  2. Thanks Kate, it was a nice surprise to find that I had *other* photos on my camera ;)
    Totally worth the visit to the archives. It is free, opens at 9am and when we went at that time there was no one there so the kids could roam a little and spend a fair amount of time in the sections which interested them. The Gotye scupture is fantastic. Just get someone who works there to show the kids how it works as it is a little tricky to get the hang of. There is also a great display plotting how the filmclip was made. Fascinating stuff!

  3. Gorgeous photos again this week. Finn has amazing coloured eyes! And I love the milkshake shot, a classic!

    1. Thanks Andi! Yes Finn's eyes are lovely to photograph. I like all the specks of white mixed in with all the blue :)

  4. I love the portraits you chose this week! The windy day one has a 1950s vibe to me, I just love it. And such a look of pure love Finn is giving you in the second photo!

    I really love them all. My kids were obsessed with that Gotye video too. lol. That sounds like the coolest exhibit.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I tried to give the windy shot a retro feel, thinking it kind of fitted with her red riding hood dress :)
      We are so lucky in Canberra. It often gets a bad rap, with other Australians labelling it as "boring", but I think it is a great town to live in when you have kids. The amount of amazing attractions we have (most of them free) like the Film & Sound Archives, mean that we always have somewhere to go. Great for when it gets cold in Canberra and you need to stay indoors!

  5. You never disappoint, Amber. The two portraits you chose this week are fantastic. Harper standing in the wind and Finn's eyes are both gorgeous. And that milkshake shot? Too cute for words!! My goodness, I gotta get Silas a little sister like right now. Your photos really evoke a lot of emotion in me!

    1. Oh! ...meant to mention that map Finn drew for you. That is soooooo sweet!

    2. What a lovely comment Faith! I really appreciate your feedback (and support :)) So happy to hear that my images are swaying you on the 'make another gorgeous baby' decision ;) It really is fun having two :) ...especially when you get shots like the milkshake one ;)

      Yes, Finn is a real maps/directions man. If I take a different route to school/the shops etc - watch out, Finn finds it difficult to cope "But Mummy this is the wrong way! You need to go back there!" Loves routine that boy!

  6. More gorgeousness Amber! The milkshake shot is my favourite! I bet you had to be quick to catch that one, as well as worrying about the glass falling over! The sunglasses one made me giggle and I nodded along when I saw the pic of Finn drawing the map...I have one of those little boys too! BTW, I happen to love Canberra! Totally agree it's a fabulous place to visit with kids - so many museums and galleries :-)

  7. love the milkshake shot and the one of Harper by the lake is magic, but that shot of Finn on the bed just melts me, gorgeous boy. Also, congrats on all the wonderful birth photos you did an amazing job.