Monday, 4 February 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013
{inspired by Jodi}
{Harper} Road rage
{Finn} Waiting for the slow walkers/riders to catch up.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{an expert lychee peeler}
{I told Finn that he couldn't bring his fire extinguisher (actually a water spray bottle) over to a friend's house. I was expecting tears and pleading but instead he said "It's alright mum", dashed off to the craft table and made a paper version of a fire extinguisher . Nice one buddy. }
{Meeting a new friend: Baby Miles.}
{Washable window crayons. Sanity saver for a tiring school holiday afternoon.}
{Telling their Dad about the hiding spot for his birthday presents. I am still in shock that they kept his presents a surprise. Well done Finny and Harps!}
{Singing/yelling Happy Birthday}
{When good photo shoots go bad....}
{an early birthday celebration}
{another round of cake at her Daddy's birthday lunch}


  1. Love these! Love the lychee hands and the story about the fire extinguisher! And man where do I get me some of those window crayons?!

    1. They weren't the ones I was after but I did pick up a brand called Micadoy 'Silky Twistaz Glass & Tub crayons'. I have seen texta ones somewhere but I couldn't find them when I went looking.
      The drawings came off easily with a wet sponge then I finished it off with a bit of window cleaner. Harper was disappointed that we didn't keep her drawings on our front windows :P

  2. loving the transport shots... those awesome window crayons and of course Miles' guest appearance :) Harper w fairy costume layered over her party clothes... really made me smile - so familiar w my own little fairy!! gorgeous shots xx

    1. A fairy costume always seems be close by with Miss Harper May ;)

  3. I love Harper's tricycle, and the 7th shot down, with her looking at her window decorations, both are such cute shots of such a cute girl. Even her sad little face is cute in the good photo shoot gone bad photo. (LOL at that title.) And Finn is just so sweet, I love his imagination and creativity. He'd fit right in here, my kids would whisk him away to pretend and get all the craft supplies out. Sometimes I feel like we've had so many chats and know so much about each other, and then I remember how far away we are, and feel a little sad that our kiddos won't get to play!

    1. Finn would love hanging out with your kids. I remember seeing one of your older boys with the robot he had made and I immediately thought that is something Finn will possibily be into in about 5 years time :) He loves to know how things work.
      I feel the same way. When I click on your blog I always feel like it is a family I "know" and each time I can't wait to see what your family have been up to over the week. I see a lot of common themes between your family and my own, despite the huge difference in location :( Boo to that!