Sunday, 14 April 2013


{Harper} This week I did some work for a post-natal yoga teacher I know, taking some photographs to update her website. As it was during the day Harper joined me. Before we left I packed her a bag full of colouring books and toys to keep her occupied. Upon seeing the bag she said "I don't need those. I'll just play with the babies". Bless her. She did end up sitting quietly drawing and reading, but did stop every now and then to join in with the nursery rhymes and giggle at the cute babies.

{Finn} Finn's portrait this week was taken by Harper. Yes, I can pretty much hand half the Project 52 duties over to her now.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{now that day light savings has ended the kids can actually stay awake during golden hour. yay! }
{just chopping down a tree, mum.}
{we seem to have a little tree theme going on this week. completely unplanned too.}
{finn hearts mobilo}
{What I want Finn to do: Stand still so I can get a portrait of him in front of today's beautiful blue sky.
What Finn does: this.
{sibling love is.......accepting a leaf that your sister said was food...}
{...and eating it}
{Harper's most frequently used word: "Ummmmmmmm?"}


  1. wowzers,amber - anothing gorgeous collection! props to Miss H too of course ;) but i am soooo in love w your first shot of her - the light coming in from the blinds is WOW! (extra sweet as its at our church building!). loving all the outdoorsy shots, the light is wonderful and i will have to try to remember golden hour. lol at finn in his fireman gear but i think my fave of the week will have to be Harper w pram and shadow. wonderful stuff, my dear!!!

  2. I agree with Kate, that one of Harper with the pram is very cool, my favourite this week! Love how Harper has taken control of the camera, very cute :)

  3. i love that pram shot, great to find you via the project, have you seen the weekly stills project at the beetle shack....if you have extra fab shots, like you obviously do its another great project that could suit you. xxx

  4. these are all so great! I really love the first one of your sweet daughter reading her book. the light is just perfect and seems to capture the beauty and quiet of the moment. xo

  5. I really love the one looking down on Harper as she leans on the tree. I like the shape of her hands and the candid intimacy of it. And the pram shot is so striking. And every one of them is beautiful as always. Your blog is such a treat. xxx

  6. Oh gosh, your children are beautiful! Blonde curls and dark lashes, I'm envious :)

  7. Gorgeous as always! :-) And yay for having a helper! :-P

  8. Sweet chindren you have!! Love the black and white of your daughter's face, she is gorgeous!!

  9. I love the leading lines of the light from the lines in the first photo. Absolutely gorgeous! My other favorite is Harper's shadow pushing the doll stroller. Finn looks so much older lately!

  10. Those last two shot are so darn cute. I really love that 4th photo down of Harper. The light is gorgeous, plus I love how you captured the wind in her hair. Finn looks pretty dang serious about chopping that tree down! It's so fun seeing the kids get carried away by their imaginations.