Saturday, 27 April 2013


{Harper} Hanging with the "big girls". Girls who Harper has been around since her birth, girls who have been in my mother's group/Finn's playgroup since Finn's birth, gorgeous and kind girls, girls who Harper looks up to and who include her in everyway possible.  

{Finn} Technically it's not a great photo but it's a moment that I am glad I captured. Finn showing tenderness with his youngest friend, Miles.
I am slowly learning that making gains skills-wise is important to me, but looking for the moments of connection between those I love is what this project is all about. It's far greater than any photograph that shows technique. Reading this blog post by the amazing Tim Coulson was a friendly reminder to look for love over anything else. The photos with love, cheekiness, connection and spirit are the photos I will look back on with fondness in years to come. 

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{captivated by the ball run at Questacon}
{after attending the ANZAC parade in the city we returned home and made ANZAC biscuits. This book recommended by My Little Bookcase was a great way to talk about the realities of war and sacrifice and make a strong link to the real life experience of baking these traditional biscuits.}
{ANZAC day was a public holiday so we were blessed to have a mid-week family day. We finished off the day with a walk to the ridge in our suburb.
Sidenote: I love how lately Finn has taken to holding onto his Dad's pocket when they walk together. Hand-holding Finn style}
{when the kids refuse to pose for me, he always steps in. love this guy}
{listening to me call out this afternoon's fire emergency. he listens, then tells me whether it's a "big enough" emergency. If not, I have to come up with something grander. this goes on. all. day. long. I'm getting really good at creating really elaborate and dangerous situations that's for sure!}


  1. I love these photos! All chosen well. xo

  2. oh amber these are all gorgeous - as usual! ok, the shot of Finn and Miles is wonderful - i still chuckle remembering how sweetly he decided to instruct him on all things 'fire engines' so he was prepared to like them in years to come. his little mind works in amazing ways! and i totally agree that capturing genuine, heartfelt, characteristic moments by far trumps the perfectly technical photo!! i have really come to see that myself - as nice as it is to take better photos, my heart is really in just capturing moments. of course you seem to always manage to do BOTH at the same time, which is why i love your photos!!
    anyway - love the walking family shot(wow), your anzac bikkies and story and once again i had a good laugh at the fire emergency drill in your house. just TOO funny!!!

  3. Another stellar week, Amber. So much magic! The smile and glow you captured in that first photo of Harper is fantastic! My favorite is the one where the kids are walking with Daddy. Beautiful moment in time captured forever. I really like the two below of Harper too. Her eyes are so expressive. And that last photo of Finn is just so sweet. I know that game well :-)

  4. Love the last one of Finn and his rescue gear, as well as the silhouette of Finn and his pocket holding walk. Great use of light in the shot of Harper in the field (right below the shadow picture) - gaaaah just a great week all around! And continuing jealousy of all you folks who live nearby to each other :)

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  6. I could pretty much ditto Faith's comment, all the ones she picked were the ones I liked too :) I super loved the one of the kids walking with Dad, so good!! Nice to see a solo portrait of Dad too, look at that smile he's giving you, lots of love there :)