Wednesday, 24 April 2013


{Harper} We spent the majority of the week at my mum's house, which is conveniently right near the beach. Being a true country kid harper was not fazed about being in the water on a cooler Autumn day. She kept calling out to me "It is massive! It is so big!". The waves were tiny and were barely brushing her ankles but in her eyes the sea was enormous.

{Finn} Not a big water fan Finn assured me as I packed our bag ready to visit an outdoor water park that he didn't want to go in the water so I wouldn't need to pack his swimmers. So I didn't. Once we arrived Harper immediately jumped into the little wading pools and I began take a few photos of her while Finn rode his scooter. Several minutes passed and I looked out to towards the bike paths to check on Finn and I couldn't locate him. I turned around and directly behind me was Finn, completely naked.
Me:"Buddy, what are you doing?"
Finn:"I want to have a swim."
Me:"But you said you didn't want to go in the water so I didn't pack your swimmers."
Finn:"I can just go in like this."
Me:"Ummm, well if we were at home in our backyard yes you could, but I think you need some pants on at this busy pool"

Cue me quickly putting his undies back on.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{trying on soccer shorts in preparation for his first season of soccer}
{picking out soccer boots. Just quietly (and don't tell his Dad) but I think he is more excited that his boots have "spikes" over the anticipation of actually playing a game of soccer}
{harper the hugging monster}
{finn stood on the dry sand just watching. harper turned around, walked up to him, held his hand and lead him to the water. "It's ok Finny, the water isn't scary"}
{plenty of sand on the beach, but these two were just as happy digging in the dirt}


  1. been hanging out for these! and you did not dissapoint!!! what a lovely record of your beach stay :) i was CRACKING UP at finn in the water... cant beleive he just stripped off, too funny!!!! and i just think its soooo sweet how caring H is for her brother, just lovely how she encourages him :) the water/reflection shot is awesome.... going to try and copy when we go to the coast?!?! well i can dream ;)a wonderful week and the kids clearly had a ball!

    1. Oh yes, I can't wait to see your beach holiday shots. Have a go with the reflection shot. It works best when there is a bit of cloud cover.

  2. Amber, gorgeous as usual :). I love how you write a little story to go with each of your Project 52 photos - what a great way to document their year. I giggled when I read about Finn going naked - arh, children are so delightfully lacking in self-consciouness and social norms! It cracks me up daily in my house! The pic of Harper reassuring Finn is also priceless - what a precious conversation to overhear.

  3. Your posts are just so rich and beautiful Amber. You perfectly capture life's subtle dramas: the sky reflected on a wet beach, the pride that passed over Finn's face when he saw himself in his new soccer shorts. I adore how you manage to show us how your children's personalities come shining through their eyes. And everything is beautiful.