Monday 30 September 2013


{Harper} Ready to roll down a hill at the National Aboretum. Finn was keen to give it a go but stopped just after getting himself into the starting position. Commenting as he stood up "I don't want to get grass clippings on my clothes." Fair enough.

{Finn} This week families and friends were invited into Finn's Pre-school. Earlier in the week we told Finn that both myself, Harper and his Daddy were coming along. As the days went on he kept asking "Are you all really coming?" He couldn't quite believe everyone would be there for him. Finn proudly guided us around his indoor and outdoor learning spaces and we engaged in play with him as he talked through what he has been learning about at school.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me
{Harper does appear to be looking a little bored here, but this is actually her "listening face"}
{from birth one of Harper's nicknames has been "koala bear" as she has always loved snuggling in tight and being carried by either myself or her Dad. Approaching four years old she hasn't lost this love of being close and snuggly}
{Harper has quickly learnt that if you help with baking you get some post baking perks}
{our nephew reached an important birthday milestone}
{our lovely friend Jess, who also has a son called Finn, handed this shirt down to my Finn}


  1. Hey, that first photo is fantastic, i can feel that grass and remember that crazy head spin from rolling a slope and its been a long long time!

  2. Love the photos! I'm so glad that 'super finn' shirt gets a bit more love. :)

  3. Brilliant photo of Harper rolling down the hill!! Her smile is gorgeous, and you picked just the right angle. I hope you and your camera were not harmed during the making of this photo :-)

    I also completely love the photo of Harper hanging upside down at the park. So carefree; childhood perfectly captured. And how lucky are you that your little Koala Bear still likes to cuddle.

  4. ohhhhh i love the arboretum shots! the hill rolling one is perfect and the swinging ones... esp the dangly one ... are so cute!!! i am just imagining how proud and pleased finn would have been to have his WHOLE family visit school - what a lovely idea - very special for him :)

  5. great angles! and as always, love the behind the scene photos. I mentioned you (again) as some of my favorite :)