Saturday, 5 October 2013


{Harper} Reading in the afternoon sun, alone and quiet. Alone and quiet are not two words strongly associated with Harper this week. It was our first week of holidays and a lovely escape from the normal school routine. Finn desperately needed this time to reboot, to play independently and just be. Everytime Finn would quietly dash off to his room to play with his Lego, Harper would be at his door "So Finn what do you want to play now?" It was a week of trying to juggle their differing play needs. Some days successful and others, not so much.
This peaceful little snippet certainly didn't represent Harper's week but it was a moment I let out a deep sigh of relief...and of coarse tip-toed around to capture.

{Finn} As we call it in our family, a scooter related "stack-a-tak". And it was a doozie. I am always surprised by how quickly those egg shaped bumps appear on their heads. Ouch!
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me)
{This week Lachie and I started reading the kids the 'Tashi' series chapter books. I have fond memories of these books from my time as a Year 1/2 teacher. I remember reading them after lunchtime as the students laid on their backs listening and quietening their bodies after an active time on the playground. For the past year I have been collecting them at op shops (with the help of my sister in law) and waiting for the right time to introduce them. Initially they were both keen but as the week went on Harper deemed them "too scary" so Lachie and I have been finding pockets of time to read them just to Finn. He loves them, and we love reading them to him.}
{I wrote a list of the Tashi books we didn't own and took the kids to the library to find them.}
{Our new favourite reading spot: the trampoline. thank you Lachie for taking this photo}
{sneaking up on the kids.}
{as we were walking around the lake a balloon artist approached the kids and gave them both a balloon animal/creation. Happy kids from that point.}
{we took a trip into the city to see a performance at the Theatre and on the way home we stopped in on a local toy shop so the kids could spend their pocket money. They have both been waiting so patiently to save enough money to each buy a new Lego packet. Slowly, slowly they are both understanding the value of "things" and that while saving money can take time (in Finn's words "But it is taking FOREVER!") it has its rewards when you finally reach your goal.}
{ balloon heads. the stuck on fabric ears were a cute touch.}
{big egg on the old noggin seemed to deflate pretty quickly}
{love watching her at play}
{end product- perfume!}
{on Fridays Harper goes to Family Daycare as I usually work, however being the holidays I wasn't working. On Wednesday my plan was to not send her, but come Thursday night I decided that Finn was in need of some quality one on one time with me. I did have a touch of the guilts as I sent her off to care for the day but I tried to remember one of the themes from one of my favourite (and much referenced) parenting books 'Siblings without Rivalry', "Give time according to need". I couldn't (and didn't) give of my time equally this week to Finn and Harper but I knew that Finn needed some of my time and this was one way I could give it. 
We visited a friend in the morning and as we drove home I asked him what he would like to do when we arrived home.
Finn: "I was thinking that we could do some craft. Something together."
Me: "That sounds perfect. What do you think we should make?"
Finn: "Well, I would like to make a yellow Canberra firetruck, buuuuuut if you have a better suggestion, well I think we should do that instead.*"
Seriously kiddo, I love you and your thoughtful mind.

*Apparently he liked my suggestion of making a cardboard firestation}


  1. I absolutely adore the 'perfume' making pictures especially the 'end product'. It looks so vintage and I love the red brick and Harper's serious expression. And the light in the final two gives so much beauty and atmosphere to the shots. You made the texture of the trampoline and net add a great layer of depth. It was lovely to hear about Finn's time with you. On Friday I got a babysitter for Neve and picked up Matti from school for a big boys (Anton's first :-)) cinema trip. It was so different, a real reminder of how much they compromise without fuss because Neve is still little. Will definitely try and do it more. Your pictures are such an act of love towards your children. You manage to gently caress them and capture the glow your love gives them through your lens. When they look at these pictures in years to come they will just blush with the thrill of being so adored. So good.

    1. Julia, you always write the most thoughtful comments. Thank you for stopping by and noticing little details. I really appreciate it. I am glad to hear that you had a big boys + Mummy outing. You are so right, the older kids really do just get on with things and compromise. I am sure Anton loved that special time with you, and the movie :)

    2. julia writes such beautiful comments it almost scares me off!!! ;)

  2. so many beautiful photographs and sentiments here. siblings without rivalry, i think they have that at my la leche group, could defo do with a read of that! x

    1. Thanks so much Max :) 'Siblings without rivalry' is well worth a read. It is very practical and very easy to read. I have read it twice now, thinking about going for a third. Can you tell that positive sibling relationships is something that needs a little work in our family? ;)

  3. your children are so beautiful. i loved the "parfum" activity!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, looks like you have two very creative little ones!

  5. Loved the shot of you and Finn reading on the trampoline and the perfume pic made me smile. But your words about one-on-one time and childrens needs really spoke to me. We have been trying to balance that here too in the last couple of weeks and I think we can do better. A great week of photos once again Amber, you should be so proud with how you're managing to balance raising two creative and spirited children while working as well. xx

  6. ahhhh amber, you really outdid yourself this week! so many goodies! firstly the unintentional book theme which just shows how much books are part of your life :) i am (as always) so inspired and motivated by the way you seek to understand and meet the needs of your kids - VERY wise words about meeting the current needs between siblings. you did well and sounds like that time really nourished Finn so much. oh yeah sorry about his big bump... when our kids FINALLY see each other they can compare, haha ;) also - the jumping feet shot made me gasp. STUNNING!

  7. I love how the book theme happened, Amber! You're doing such an amazing job at capturing your children's childhoods, and you are such a thoughtful mother to them. I look at your photos and the words "magical childhood" go through my head, you've definitely created that for them!

    I love every one of these photos, but I think my favorite this week are the perfume making ones- brought back so many memories! My little friends and I used to spend hours gathering flowers and making "perfume" in the sun! I love that some things stand the test of time, and little girls still make perfume.