Friday, 2 May 2014

Monthly Snapshot {April}

Oh April, I had a vision for what you would be, but were so different. It was supposed to be the holiday month, with school holidays and various public holidays within, a promise of slow days, days as a family and the freedom from routines. Instead it was draining, emotional and anything but restful.  Parenting moments that pushed us, made us (I mean me) cry, forced us to stop, re-group and work out what was important to us and how to adjust things to create change. If you have a spirited child in your family you will know how the rollercoaster of incredible lows and tremendous highs consume  your family's life. We have come out the other side and now I can look back and see for all it's challenges there were enormous moments of growth too. Throughout this month I thought a lot about what I wrote here and of the daily promise I make to myself (and both my kids) to be a strong and kind parent. I didn't get there all of the time, but I did learn a lot from my mistakes. No one said this parenting gig was meant to be easy right?  

{a trip out to the Canberra Airport Open Day}
{jet fighters in view}
{Harper, aka the snuggler. Finn, aka the reluctant hugger}
{melted crayon egg dying. Winning lead up to Easter activity}
{bathed and in pjs but dinner isn't ready = a walk to the local shops to drink from the water bubbler. Obvious approach really}
{delivering Easter treats to her teachers. I was keen to write on the cards to speed up the process but Harper wasn't going to let that happen}
{a short trip to Wollongong}
{a couldn't nail down which composition I liked better, so you get both. You can decide for yourself!}
{Easter morning. A treasure hunt to find their presents}
{"Finny I think their over there"}
{got them!}
{I was a little unsure how finn would react to the lack of chocolates and the appearance of a softie bunny instead, but I shouldn't have worried! He loved the bunny and he has been snuggling him in bed ever since. bunnies by the super talented milly molly mandy}
{easter egg hunt}
{in reference to my lemon lime and bitters drink "Is this an adult drink Mummy?"}
{Buddies + the reluctant hugger in action again}
{documenting his second lost tooth}
{The day before school returned: "Mummy, can we walk up to Oakey Hill so I can take some photos to show my class?" yes we can!}
{"No more photos, please"}


  1. argghhh so much goodness!!!! ok so here is my wall-of-text comment. firstly - big hugs and love to you after a month that was not as you hoped it would be. those tough parenting times can exhaust us to our cores... but thankfully at your core there is a loving mother who will nurture her spirited child in just the way its needed... with both of you learning along the way/. you are doing amazing. but still - a tough month deserves a big hug (and a night out - coming soon!!!). secondly - never asked if you went to the airport open day, so glad you did! heard it was insanely packed so glad you made it in - the agape jetfighter shot is PRICELESS!!! and the kids hanging from lach's hands - so cute. love the beach shots and was in awe of a 'no chocolate' easter (adorable bunnies!) but saw they did get an egg hunt w other kids so i guess they got their choc fill too - ;) nice surprise to see lily in there. and love all the bush walk shots w your little lady. just beautiful, as alwasy, well done!!

  2. I've missed you Amber, and am so glad to see you're still blogging a little. Your beautiful kiddos are getting so big!

  3. I came to check out if you blogged last months and was shocked that I'd missed May! Sorry!
    You're an amazing mother Amber, I hope you're remembering that in the chaos of life. I hope the last couple of months have been better and it goes without saying, you're always doing an incredible job because you're so thoughtful and compassionate. These photos are amazing as always, especially the one of Finn looking at the airplanes and Harper asking to do some photos of her for her class. I love seeing these special snippets of your life - thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh hello my first read of your blog but looking forward to more! I also have a spirited one who is also going through her twos atm so I feel your up and down pain. Good on you for finding delight I'm just starting to learn to grab those moments and say "today right now I am happy" thanks for sharing. Love the icy pole shots :)