Friday, 27 June 2014

Monthly snapshot {May}

{mummy + harper time = an impromptu visit to the shopping centre photo booth}
{if you give him a little nudge and support he will do brave things}
{the joys of having friends with chickens. thank you kate.}
{autumn essentials}
{taking in her crystal rock to share with her classmates. rocks are very cool within the pre-school crowd, apparently}
{a late autumn amateur photoshoot with Kate's family. Harper was really feelin' it, can you tell? Kate's captures were much better than mine and I think I actually ended up taking more photos of her kids than my own - whoops!}
{at least Lily bought her enthusiasm along}
{finn adores babies, especially "baby miles"}
{Yep, we totally bribed them so we could photograph them. we're not silly}
{a new comic book + some one on one time with me = good times for mr finn. this day reminded me of this post two years ago. you don't ask for much finn, but when we carve out some time just for you, you are always appreciative and a delight to spend time with}


  1. ahhhhhhh Amber! i missed your posts, my dear!!!! Though I totally understand your MANY other priorities requiring your time! im so glad you jumped back w May - never too late! A gorgeous collection. I have to say that photo booth collection is precious beyond words and I know will be treasured by H forever... esp as I know you are NOT one to throw yourself in front of the camera. they are so natural and fun!!! i love them and want to get there w the kids post haste heehee! loved seeing our chook's eggs being enjoyed and so many other wonderful moments shared between us and enjoyed by your family! in the midst of such an intense year, you have captured (and experienced) many precious moments. i love the one on one times shared w your kids too. well done honey and oh ive missed your stunning pics! and your encouragement on my blog too i must admit ;)

  2. Lovely photos as usual Amber. Finn has really shot up in that last photo.

  3. I don't think my comment posted (?) so I will post it again, just in case.... I don't want you to miss out on well deserved blog love!
    Its SO lovely to see a post from you, I have really missed your lovely photos and those beautiful smiling faces! I really love the photos from your Autumn photo shoot with Kate and her lovely tribe, such beautiful shots. I also really love the photo of Harper with her rock heading off to preschool, just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing with us :-)

  4. Oh, I love that you framed those photo-booth pictures. So special. Must. print. more. pictures!
    The black and white pictures with Kate's children are just divine, esp the one of Finn. And the one of Harpers tights, and… well loads of them. Lovely!

  5. So happy to see this post Amber! Harper and Finn are really growing up, I really noticed it in this selection of photos. Loved the B&W's of Finn, they really captured his personality. And Harper and you in the photobooth = most awesome idea ever! How cool would it be to do that every year... I think you've given me an idea actually!