Sunday, 19 May 2013


{Harper} Happy to wash up the paint tools after a VERY messy indoor painting session.  

{Finn} He rarely looks directly at the camera, but when I bumped my head on the fluorescent light when climbing onto the kitchen bench his eyes were there. He may have laughed at me too.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{rainy autumn days}
{She's a master of the back cuddle}
{a cuddle that usually leads to the recipient being pushed over}
{now for my next trick....}
{Watching an army helicopter hover over our house. He later told me that he was very worried that it was going to land on us}
{roller painting on a rainy day}
{hmmm, painting on paper was fun but I wonder what it would be like to paint on my hands?}
{all forms of painting ultimately lead to finger painting with Harper}
{give this kids a milk bottle, cardboard box or toilet paper roll and he will turn it into something. Today's creation: an army helicopter}
{Finn recently began his first season of soccer. He is yet to fully grasp the game, but seems to be having fun running around. His favourite part of the game: "I like the drinks breaks Mum"}
{enjoying a solo bath and the opportunity to float in the tub}


  1. a beautiful week Amber! so many wonderful moments - and i have a feeling we both happened to do indoor painting projects on the same rainy day huh :) funny! ok, the worried finn looking at the helicopter just cracked me up!!! the helicopter creation made me chuckle too - just like lily. i love dropping the recycling on her desk and seeing what she comes up w! those reflection and puddle shots are awesome!!!! well done w those but i think my fave of all is H looking up in the tub (last shot). yowzers its stunning!!! shows off those lovely lashes perfectly. btw so cool about soccer cant wait to hear all about that! love H's cuddles too... wonderful affectionate girl - F is loving it too :)

  2. The last picture is *gorgeous* - what great light and texture differences for black and white. Gorgeous! I think we need one of those painting smocks here. We are never so lucky and the paint goes EVERYWHERE.

  3. I always love your B sides, they are always all fantastic photos.

  4. It's always so much fun to see the contrast of the different seasons we're experiencing. I love the beautiful fall colors, and the contrast of Finn's boots with the leaves! I hope you're all doing well, looks like fun rainy days.

  5. I love the portrait of Finn, looking up as you bump the light, and Harper also peeking up, too. The autumn colors are really lovely where you are! I love those reds!