Saturday, 10 August 2013


{Harper}  The cheekiest smile I ever did see.  

{Finn} With my camera out I work hard to get a smile, but it does eventually shine. {standing in front of our bookcase. spines of books he runs his fingers along and tells me: "I will read these books when I am a big boy". I don't doubt that for a second, mate.}
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me
{tiny glimpses of spring}
{"I'm working just like Cinderella!" A girl who can find a fairy tale reference wherever she goes}
{alphabet ink stampers in playdough}
{one of the perks of your mum working at the local playschool- testing out the new resources!}
{Daddy's home}
{Finn and Harper's first visit to Canberra's LEGO Brick Expo}
{Can I eat a banana and build with LEGO? Why yes I can!}
{While the rest of the LEGO fanatics were oohing and ahhing over the huge Star Wars creations, this nifty little music reference won me over}


  1. I adore Harper's dressing up pictures. As often with your posts there is a wonderful moment of comedy when after an angelic portrait there is a picture of Harper being fantastically Harperish. I have grown to love her antics through your blog! It's lovely to think of Finn reading all those books one day. Love the Beatles Lego too.

    1. Thanks Julia! These days Harper is rarely OUT of dress-up clothes! She really does living in a fantasy world most of the time ;) There are always lot of a Harper antics around here, this is only a small snippet ;)

  2. Cinderella w broom AND pink cheeks is just perfection!! love it :) she is so funny that girl :) looks like a fantastic outing to the lego exhibit, how amazing does it look!!! very inspiring too i bet they came home and got right into it :) the flower shots are so sweet too.... yay for spring huh!

  3. I love those rosy cheeks!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Are you another Canberran ! I only ask because we use to live there and I miss it. Looking forward to following along.

    1. Yes I am! Thanks for stopping by Kylie. Hope that you enjoy the DD group as much as I do :)

  5. Some really sweet portraits this week. I never noticed they had the same smile before :)
    Had to smile at the pictures of Harper in her veil and makeup. Such a girly girl and I especially like the ones with the Jonquils.