Sunday, 18 August 2013


{Harper}  Putting a bit of grunt into her gluing.

This photo was taken at a Playschool friend's birthday party. As has been the norm for the past three years all parties Harper has been invited to have been with Finn (either mutual friends or a friend of Finn's who is happy to have younger siblings along too). But this party invitation was for Harper only. Finn was a little put out by the exclusion but she did her best to reassure him, "Don't worry Finn, I will be back very soon." On the drive over I wondered if she would be a little quieter without her brother there. Um, not a chance. My social butterfly was in full flight from the moment she arrived.

{Finn} I could watch him draw all day.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me
{the finished product: buzz lightyear}
{window craftiness with contact paper, coloured paper and scissors}
{applying his usual focus and attention to detail}
{she told a story as she stuck on her pieces. these are the stairs to the princess' castle}
{a long, red transporter truck driving in front of an orange sunset.}
{eying off the apple selection at the local growers market}
{seeing more signs of Spring}
{a photo by Finn.}
{Finn: "Daddy, can we be shirt buddies today?"
Lachie: "Well I think we can do that."}
{seriously chewy}


  1. ok too many awesome shots this week!!!! will take me all day to comment, haha! but seriously, the last one - h's expression is just sooooo adorable :) and I AM SO EXCITED about that contact paper activity - that is GENIUS!!!!! we have done autumn collages w contact paper but didnt get to it this year and never thought of doing it just w paper scraps....and sticking it to the window is also genious so it doesnt get crumpled up. CANT WAIT to do this w the kids, they will love it!!! adore finn's drawing and H's solo party outing. and so adorable, the shirt buddies :) wow you can really see the sun is coming out huh..... yippeeeeee! just this morning we were walking around the garden noticing all the buds - just lovely!

  2. Love your matching choices for your portraits this week, they show each of their personalities beautifully. In the B sides, Finn's drawing of Buzz is fantastic, that needs a frame! The contact craft idea is great, I love the way you have photographed them through the window, it's so cool to see the looks on their faces as they work on their masterpieces. Special mention for the shirt buddies photo, how cute are they and what a gorgeous shot of them together!

  3. Amber, love love love that last shot of Harper, her expression is classic. I'm very impressed with Finn's drawing, what a masterpiece. And your choice for their portraits this week is just gorgeous, I love seeing there different personalities come out in your photos.

  4. Oh Amber, lovely as always! I especially love the one of the two of them at the markets - conspiring to sample something perhaps? Finn's drawing is wonderful - so much detail! Thank you for putting up pics of the sticky plastic too - I tried this today with my girls and now I am the 'best mummy!' -