Sunday, 13 October 2013


{Harper} We spent some of the week at my Mum's house. Which just happens to be a lazy couple of streets down from the beach. The kids were both excited about the thought of visiting the beach but the reality was a little different. Finn in particular struggled with the sand and the waves. As he stood on the sand he would scream "The waves are too big!" (they were actually just gently lapping his toes) My sister who was minding our towels overheard the local family next to her giggling at my two running away from the waves and reassured them "They're from Canberra". Yep, we are pretty clueless when it comes to beach living.

{Finn} Bubbles* lift his mood. Every time.

*Reminded me of this bubbles experience way back in March. Finn is pulling a similar expression too.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me)
{daylight savings started this week which means we can take after dinner walks while the sun is still shining}
{we visited my Nana and Pop's house for lunch during our time on the Coast. When we arrived the kids discovered that their Great Nana had set up a cute little lunch table just for them. It was the cutest sight when she proudly bought out their plates of fish with an adorable bowl of side salad. The kids were suitably impressed. Finn and Harper are always made to feel special by their Nana and Great-grandparents when they visit.}
{whenever the kids spot me writing on a birthday card they request to add their names or drawings to the message. love that.}
{can't forget the mandatory moody b&w of Harper now can I?}

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  1. awesome bubble shot!! the above one is so cool. and we are doing the after dinner walks now too, it's wonderful isnt it! the dancing shots of H are so gorgeous... and her writing in (my?!) bday card too! love the snaps from down the coast - LOL at the canberra kids at the beach, heehee! looks like the sandplay was quite satisfactory anyway... and SUPER CUTE great-grandkids table, how sweet is that!