Saturday, 19 October 2013


{Harper} "I love you." Her first written words. If I could have picked the first sentence she would have penned it would be this. She is love, from head to toe.

{Finn} His love of drawing continues. Today's picture is courtesy of his latest TV obsession: The Octanauts. In case you were trying to work it out, that's a submarine, a bit of sea kelp and the pink creatures are sea pigs.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me)
{Taking inspiration from a wonderful Reggio blog 'An Everyday Story' this week we used mirrors as a work surface. Placing the mirrors under our apricot trees on a sunny day just added to the experience. }
{Finn did place a collection of loose parts on his mirror but I could tell he preferred looking at himself from different angles.}
{Look let's just say I took ALL my play based inspiration from Kate over at 'An Everyday Story' this week. This homemade geoboard was a winner with the kids. Both Finn and Harper worked hard to get those rubber bands around their pins. I love watching those busy, busy hands at work}
{Finn made some boats using his LEGO. I filled up a container of water and told him he could place his boats in there.
Finn: "But LEGO can't go in THERE!"
Me: "Why not?"
Finn:" Because it will get wet. Won't I ruin it?"
Me: "No mate, it's plastic. It will dry."
Meanwhile Harper grabs a piece of lego and dunks it in the water.
Harper: "See Finny it's ok."}
{my spirited child, at her spirited best}
{look no.136}


  1. great choice of the 2 portraits here - the writing (perfection!!) and the drawing! and all the activities you did this week too - just looks so idyllic and lovely under the shady tree :) what a great idea to use mirrors etc! i have just started following that blog after seeing your ideas, it's just lovely and so creative. the extra shots of H are just soooo her - the helmet expression is priceless, haha! the lego story just sums up their personalities to a T doesnt it?? finn checking the rules and taking his time, H diving right in w abandon :) love it!!! x

  2. btw - time to update your blog header perhaps?! look at Harper, wow still a baby there!

  3. Great series Amber! Those mirror ideas must be doing the rounds on the blogosphere - I got a post very similar this week too:-) How lovely that they enjoyed the different perspectives. Your photos are sharp, sharp, sharp - so envious! The one of Harper with her messy hair in her face is delightful! I never understand how they can handle it in their face when they play, but they never seem to let it bother them! It's a great capture of a lovely childhood moment.

  4. How sweet is that first picture? I hope you have put it away somewhere safe to treasure forever :)
    Now, I need to set you straight on something. That thing is Finn's picture is not a submarine, it's a GUP. Trust me, I have seen enough Octonauts to know. :)

  5. Dear Amber, those first words written by Harper must have made your heart sing for joy. I Love the craft ideas that you do with your little ones. And seeing the smiles on their faces that you capture so well. Love all of your pics.

  6. That looks so much fun mirror play in the sunshine :)

  7. super writing, one of my fave 42/52 shots. i'm trying to help my summer born school-boy strengthen his hands for pen control, just bought a hammer and pin set with cork board and he loves it, hurrah. we're big octonauts fans too, i've learnt a lot from that programme. x

  8. I love Finn's conversation about the lego. My little Jack did the same thing just today. And Sarah's responded just like Harper "see Jack. It's ok." Always the little problem solver that one :) So happy they both enjoyed their activities this week :) ... we really need to catch up soon. xx