Saturday, 9 November 2013


{Harper} Her most treasured softie - "Santa girl"

 {Finn} Police officer Finn is on patrol.
{The B-sides}
{we know Christmas is on the way when Lachie starts making Christmas fruit cakes}
{first strawberry harvest from the veggie patch}
{first ripe cherry from our cherry tree...summer is just around the corner}
{Lily & Harper holding a fairy/princess/ballerina wedding. This was the pre-wedding entertainment.}
{Harper's hair in a neat plait. A rare sight.}
{off to preschool}


  1. oh gorgeousness once more! such great portraits of the kids with their individual passions :) also the shot of lily and harper is just GORGEOUS and so sums up their mutual delight in playing - haha at the fairy princess ballerina combo - all their fave things combined with a WEDDING what more could they want?! i am so in awe of the bounty from your backyard too - wonderful. the little plait shot is just soooooo sweet and stunning - what a great idea to capture that little memory! if anything like lily, its rufffled up and messy again within 2 mins so good idea to capture it ;)

  2. I just love love the first pic. Priceless.

    And the one of the plait!! You take beautiful pictures.

  3. I so love the final two of Finn. He looks like he is on the trampoline in his pyjamas which is perfect in itself and then there are the gorgeous layers of textures and the way he is framed by the structure behind him and the way the sun hits the net. And how gently, completely happy he is. It's perfect open delight. Beautiful editing. And the final one just shows the perfection of Finn's appearance and in it's simplicity just makes me think of the just how deep children are. And of course your chosen portraits this week are awesome. Talent + Love = gorgeous, touching portraits!! xxxxxx

  4. Lovely photos, especially the perfect braid! Harper and Finn are gorgeous! Found you through Jodi's 52 project!

  5. Wow, Finn looks genuinely concerned and on duty in his weekly portrait, great shot! Like everyone else, I love the plait shot too, such a lovely little detail of childhood girlishness. Beautiful shot of Harper and Lily together too, they are the sweetest together! Great photos of your babes as always!

  6. I love your blog! Your kids are so precious and your pictures are just perfect. My favorite pictures was the kids in their pjs with the strawberries and giving hugs. Lots of love in your photos!

  7. You have a cherry tree??? I better not tell H, she would move to your place tomorrow!!

    Love the plait photo, such a symbol of a little girls childhood.