Monday, 18 November 2013


{Harper} Participating in her transition to Preschool session.

Walking hand in hand down to her soon to be new school, she skipped along and chatted about what she may choose to do during today's session.
Me: Harps, can you believe that next year you will be going to Finny's school? It will be 'Finny and Harper's school' next year.

H: I know!

Me: Are you feeling ready for Preschool? 
 H: So ready.

 {Finn} Those eyes.
{The B-sides}
{Quickly becoming a seasoned fete go-er}
{fete #2 for the weekend.}
{writing her name for the first time. Up until now she has shown no interest ("you write it Mummy") even though I was sure she could do it. Like every skill/transition she has reached, she does it when she is ready.}
{bubble painting}
{our cherry tree is producing these glossy red babies.}
{I was lucky enough to spend two relaxing days away at the beach with two girlfriends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to re-boot and re-focus, to chat with like-minded souls, to feel inspired by their ideas, to be nature and with myself. }
{Oh, and my girlfriends' craftiness rubbed off on me while we were away, and I made these Steiner felt play dolls.
A Princess Harper and a Policeman Finn.}


  1. firstly, so glad you got your weekend away!! sounds amazing and those dolls are super crafty too!!! love the shot of H with the pencil to her mouth - lost in thought :) and the hard core fete going w the 2nd day face paint rubbing off - so funny :) she did great w her name too!!! growing up so fast. cant wait to see your cherry tree, that is AMAZING!

  2. i loved how she wrote her name :) and that photo of her by the window's awesome.