Sunday, 3 November 2013


{Harper} Engrossed in play. As she makes her dolls talk she adopts an American accent.
"Mom! Mom!" she calls out.
"Yes honey?"
(switches back into her Aussie accent) "Oh, I don't need you, I am just playing"
It all gets very confusing.

 {Finn} A handmade necklace.... and a smile towards the camera - huzzah!
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me)
{collecting herbs before dinnertime}
{"I'm just going to put this apple back on the tree"}
{iced lolly biscuits. Rockets by Finn and faces by Harper}
{yes they would! a million thanks to Kate for giving us our first night plus morning off in close to six years}
{playing a number matching game by herself. Every time she completed the matches she would yell out "I won! }


  1. oh yes Miss H really was busy this week :) so many gorgeous moments... and oh those golden curls!!! so lovely. the iced lolly biscuits are so fun - i am just trying to imagine if a single lolly would make it to the biscuit if we tried it?! haha. so cute seeing the sleepover invite on the fridge!! we had such a great time (and hope you did too!!!!) and cant wait to show u some gorgeous shots of our 4 next week :) finn's smiley necklace shot is just gorgeous - his perfect little smile!

  2. Such lovely portraits of your children absorbed in their play. Beautiful light too!

  3. The pics with your Harper in the red with the red apple, and the one with the red rose are quite eye catching!

  4. I love the pictures of them busy in their own imaginary world. And what a cute little invitation, I bet they had a great time!

  5. How funny that Harper does an American accent. Would love to hear it! lol

    That first shot of Finn is so sweet. What a handsome boy!

    My favorite of Harper is the 6th from the bottom - the one of her hair. The light, composition, and colors are all beautiful. I love that your captured the details of her delicate curls.

  6. WOW for awesome friends to give you and Lachie such a special treat of having the house to yourselves for a night and morning! That is really generous of Kate and family :) Hope you guys soaked it up!