Sunday, 24 November 2013


{Harper} Hip swinging dancing with her dear friend Evie.

This week we looked after Harper's friend Evie while her mum, Jess,  went to work.  As always Jess was so thankful, but really I needed to pour all of the thanks back to her. Not only is Evie an absolute delight to look after but the two girls played beautifully together for most of the day, making our day very easy. You see, independent play isn't one of Harper's strengths. She's a social creature and sitting by herself with her toys just doesn't cut it. She craves interaction and someone else's presence (usually mine). Today meant that Harper had a playmate (and one who would indulge her love for imaginary fairy/princess play, unlike her brother) and I got a little breather.

 {Finn} Enjoying a day at the playground. Oh and hey, your curls have returned. I told you they would grow back.
{The B-sides}
{creating a colourful Frisbee together}
{cherry and peach cobbler -baked by Lachie}
{we invited Lily & Eli over for a Friday night sleep over. Oh what fun (and limited sleep) they had!}
{Friday night is movie night in our family. Lily and Eli were happy to be involved in this weekly tradition, especially the part where they were allowed to eat their dinner in front of the TV}
{you're getting very, very sleepy.......well not really. It was 2.5 hours after this shot that you actually fell asleep}
{the next morning Eli was engrossed in outdoor play. He kept turning to me announcing "I am VERY busy!" Yes you were little buddy. }


  1. oh wow I was crying/laughing at these shots!!! :) the one of the 4 entranced in the movie is absolutely AWESOME! all in a row, big eyes, too cute :) love seeing them all lined up like that. and very charmed by the last shot of Eli busy w all that water!! yes, after he kept telling me 'i did lots of fun things at amber's house' :) he had a great time so thanks for keeping my busy boy so busy. love seeing the little peaks into their wonderful adventure. and thanks so much for showing them such a good time, they just loved it!! xx

  2. Gorgeous photos all of them but that one of them watching the movie is just too precious!

  3. That first photo is so stinkin' cute!!! Harper is a doll. I like how you captured this one from afar too.

    Both of the black and white shots are fantastic. The 4 of them watching the movie is just perfect. And Harper with her little finger on her chin is beyond precious.

    The photo of Harper and Lily is really sweet. I love the way Harper is leaning in. She sounds a lot like Silas. While he is pretty good when it comes to playing alone, he's much happier when he has his favorite toy, mommy, around.

    You are so great at capturing moments, and showing us the personalities of your kids. I am continually inspired when I visit your blog, Amber. And, yay for Finn's curls coming back!!

  4. haha I remember the excitement of sleepovers as a kid and not getting much sleep. Gorgeous moments captured once again.

  5. OMG that photo of them all watching the movie is an absolute classic! Fantastic capture Amber!!!