Friday, 27 December 2013


{Harper}  You're not a true Aussie kid unless you know how to strip the flesh from a mango seed.

 {Finn} Busting a move at his end of year school disco. After a very busy day of school I didn't think he would have any energy left to dance. I was mistaken. This little vid was taken towards the end of the disco when he was slowing down a bit. His first question when we left school "When will the next disco be?"
{The B-sides}
{playing with gingerbread playdough with her little mate Evie}
{wiping her vegemite face}
{happy birthday to me! awesome cake made by lachie}
{early morning gingerbread cookie baking}
{collecting raindrops}
{a mid bike ride ice cream treat}


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  1. love all the cooking and eating shots - but how can i go past the dancing Finn ones? the video is AWESOME too - wow look at him boogie!!! and now i know what a preschool disco looks like - utter mayhem ;) (fun mayhem!). super cute, you can tell he was in the zone :)