Tuesday, 31 December 2013

52/52 {last one}


{Harper}  While I do love all the action/in the moment shots I got of Harper this year, it is always the traditional portraits that stand out for me.

 {Finn} Reading out his cracker joke on Christmas day.
{The B-sides}
{icing the gingerbread house - $5.99 at ALDI - winner!}
{tasting the icing sugar, or as Harper told me "I'm just taking it off her face 'cause she can't see"}
{new pjs on Christmas eve- a family tradition}
{Christmas morning}
{they FINALLY got to crack open the gingerbread house}
{off to the movies to see 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, with their first container of cinema bought popcorn}

That's it, another year and another photography project comes to a close. I'm really thankful that I documented 2013. This year is the end of a very significant period in my life; my last year of being a full time stay at home mum. Next year big changes occur; Preschool for Harper, Kindergarten for Finn and returning to teaching part-time and returning to uni for me.
Moments big and small that were captured in 2013 will be different next year. I accept that I wont be able to document them in ways that I have in past years too. But boy and I grateful for the time I had over the past six years to focus, capture and tuck away these images for future days.

2013 was a good year for us. I've bundled up a snapshot of our year, from start to finish, that you can find here.
Happy New Year friends!


  1. oh amber, so gorgeous!!! that first portrait of H is another stunner!! and love all the happy xmas day shots. love the gingerbread house - thanks for getting ours too, it was such a fun thing to do huh. good idea to just ice the whole roof will do that next time :) looks so cute... and worth the wait ;) yes a beautiful year for you and one before a very different year for your family. a time of change but i am so glad you captured this year so beautifully... and the year to come will be beautiful too in its own way as your family grows into a new stage (school stage for all!!). so proud of you. so will you do the project next year? either way, thanks for always inspiring me with your talents and devotion to your family. so blessed to know you!! xx

    1. Thanks Kate for your gorgeous comment and for your consistent support this year. You always write the most detailed and thoughtful comments and I love reading them :)
      Yes I am so glad that I captured this year so thoroughly. There won't be another year like 2013.
      No "project 52' for me in 2014. I don't think I will have the time to squeeze in another project. I will still continue to annoy my children with my camera in their faces though ;)

  2. Absolutely loved this set of images Amber, also loved the video of Finn dancing and the recap of your 2013 project. So pleased to hear that 2013 has been a great year for your family, it certainly shows in your images!
    I will be sad not to see your weekly project photos, they really do make me smile. :) xx

  3. Your slide show is INCREDIBLE Amber. I was pretty much open mouthed throughout. And I love that Harper's hair is a character in itself: so expressive!! You are a wonderful photographer and I really hope you will just pop a post up from time to time as I will miss you. Thanks so much for being such a great and inspirational DD friend. Wow, I have to say again that your slideshow is breathtakingly beautiful. Happy New Year xxxxx

    1. Thank you sweet Julia. I have truly appreciated your thoughtful and very generous comments and support again in 2013. What a huge compliment, considering what a brilliant photographer you are :) You are so right about Harper's hair! It is both an extensive and reflection of the girl herself - very expressive, wild and beautiful!

  4. But, but, but.... you're not finished! You have to keep going. '365' projects end on the 31st of December but '52' projects are cyclical. They go on forever. Did no-one tell you that at the start? Sorry Amber, but if I don't see more beautiful, thoughtful, sensitive, loving pictures from you next week, I'm going to be very disappointed.
    No pressure ;)

  5. Gorgeous slideshow Amber! I've enjoyed following your 52 (plus B sides) project this year. Your portraits always capture and highlight the different personalities of your two little loves perfectly. Your photo of Harper on the swing has been one of my favs from anyone this year. Your take really beautiful photos and I hope that you find the time and space to continue this year :)

  6. Congrats on completing another photo project! It has been an absolute pleasure watching Finn and Harper grow over the past 2 years. I'm am always impressed with how well you capture them. I feel like I know them! I often can't get over just how gorgeous Harper is. Her eyes are so bright and sparkly. I adore that first photo of her and the one where she is under the Christmas tree. Both are stunning!