Sunday, 17 March 2013



{Harper} A little unsure. Not a look that we see often from our super confident little girl.   
{Finn} A quiet hallway silhouette.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{we hauled the kids out of their beds before dawn to watch the Balloon Festival only to arrived and be told that the hot air balloons wouldn't be launching due to the weather. kind of an anti-climax to the whole early wake-up call but we did get to see the most gorgeous blue/purple sunrise}
{my chalk and cheese pair spent the week playing harmoniously and showing lots of affection towards each other. i often wonder what will become of this little siblings pair, especially when they are SO different but this week I saw a real "buddy" friendship emerge. I even overheard this little conversation while they were playing:
Harper: "Finny, you are my best friend."
Finn: "That's good, cause you are my best friend too." }

{picking out the watermelon seeds. i have tried to convince her that you can eat them, but she isn't buying it}
{watching her play from afar}
{waiting for the next emergency call}
{collecting eggs, basil and tomotoes from our friend's garden}
{a daddy rumbling game called "bridge collapse". This is the type of rough -housing game where the kids laugh and squeal and call out "more, more"........}
{...until someone gets hurt of coarse.
"dat's enough Daddy"}


  1. What beautiful eyes, and such a crisp silhouette. Both beautiful portraits!

  2. so much loveliness this week... sad portrait from the balloons (shame!) and im looooving those sweet cuddling shots! just adorable, casual and caring - i think they will be best of friends in years to come, learning to value, appreciate and know how to work with each other through different personalities and perspectives. love the reading snuggling together too. i totally cracked up at finn waiting w his full emergency gear, lol - that kid is DEDICATED!!! :)

  3. Oh the sibling photos are just perfect Amber! It always amazes me how in sync our kids are, just this week Hannah has been saying to Blake "You're my best friend." and I know you agree that it is so lovely to hear those words out of your children's mouths.

    The photos of the kids playing with Lachie are gorgeous too, they will treasure those in the future :)

  4. oh my gosh, I love those moments you have captured with your "chalk and cheese" kiddies (I have two like this!) being so adorable together, especially the one where they are reading the book together. And I really love the one of Harper playing from afar, perfect!

  5. I am so grateful for your 'b' sides Amber - I shudder to think these awesome pictures might otherwise languish on a hard drive.

    Loving all the sibling shots, especially seeing their little hands so gently on each other. Awwww..... :)

    Also, you bought a watermelon with seeds in it? I thought they had been bred out of existence. At the risk of sounding really old - watermelons were FULL of seeds when i was young, but they never seems to have any now....

    Great framing on the B&W picture of Harper and I can relate to the one of Finn. I have to call the emergency services several times a day and invent fake emergencies for my little hero to come and sort out!

    1. Thanks so much Tarnya!

      The watermelon is from our local farmer's market. It's the real deal, big black seeds and all ;) It's freaking the kids out but we are sticking with it as the flavour is so good :)

  6. lovely! i linked to you this week ;)

  7. oh amber, these are superb! I love the ones of them together - so precious!! and with lach, so happy!!xxx

  8. The top two photos are amazing!! I love how Harper's showcase her gorgeous eyes, while Finn's showcase his awesome curls. I really like the photos where they have their arms around each other too. Another favorite is the of Harper from afar. Seems like a different us more like this! ;-)