Sunday, 24 March 2013


This week my husband and I did a little role reversal, I toddled off to work full time (taking on a two week block at the gorgeous community based Playschool I work casually for) and Lachie began looking after the kids full time. It has been strange, exciting, rewarding and tiring. There are moments in my day where I think "This feels so right" then others where I have little panic attacks and think "What am I doing? I'm living in upsy-down town....make it stop!" Each time I feel this swing, I re-group and remember how lucky I am to be in this position.

 I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to work in such a supportive and caring environment, a school that truly values children and their desire to learn through play. It must be said that I wouldn't be able to work in this kind of capacity if it weren't for my husband's support. Lachie has taken two weeks annual leave to look after the kids so I can work. This is his holiday. A holiday that's kind of not really a holiday at all. What a man.

 It has been a week where I haven't had a whole lot of time to take photographs, resulting in a lot of photos of the kids in their pjs. But even in our upsy-down week I still wanted to get the camera out and document our week. I think this means I really love this photography stuff. Oh yes I do.
{Harper & Finn} Hiding from Daddy....and being found.  

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{more furrowed-brow action from the little lady}
{school gates. waiting.}
{walking home with Daddy}
{the lovely lady I have been working with this week made these easter cupcakes for our family. Sweet.}
{i spotted these two cute but wacky kids at the bus terminal. oh wait, they're my cute and wacky kids}
{heading off to the park. fire emergencies may pop up, so you need to be well equipped}
{fireman finn. you'll be a five year old next week. can't wait to celebrate your special day with you.}


  1. big week indeed!!! you have done amazingly w all the changes and its lovely how supportive Lach has been through it all - and the kids are handling it w aplomb too! i am soooo in love w those pics of the kids in the greenery - just light and happy and GREEN :) and the many faces of harper are always a delight. you are working so hard and so well and yes i can relate to those mixed feelings too. but you are doing good things for yourself and your family and though certainly its an adjustment, you are rocking it, my lovely girl xx

  2. The black and white of Finn is INCREDIBLE!!! I think you are indeed 'rocking' photography and life.

  3. To start...well done you on making it through the week and managing to take gorgeous photos to boot. I don't work full time and am lucky enough to be able to fit my work in around the kids. But gee some days/weeks its tough to find balance. I absolutely love the b & w one of Finn and the one of Finn and Dad walking home hand in hand is just gorgeous.

  4. Just love them!
    Well done!
    Thinking just 2 is minimalist too. :)

  5. Wow, working with small children all day and going home to small children is hard core. Good on you though for switching it up with your husband, I'm sure it gives you both a good appreciation of what each other's weeks are usually like! I love the green hide and seek photos. I've never really thought your babies looked alike, but in those photos, both of them with big smiles, I can see their similarities. The Finn and Dad walking home one is great too and the last smiley fireman portrait is dreamy!

  6. Lovely photos Amber!
    Good on you working full time for a bit (I don't think I could!)

  7. I'm going to have to find a bush with some good light to plop the kiddo in. Those pictures are gorgeous - so vibrant! I can't pick just one photo anymore. I think I did 8 this week :/ More than before, even!

  8. Amber, your photos get better and better every week! I adore all of the photos in the bushes. And, I agree with Julia, that b/w photo of Finn is FANTASTIC!! One of those shots I wish I would have taken :-) I also love the photo with their noses pressed against the glass and that last one of Finn (he looks so happy!) Oh, and that furrowed brow is just too cute!! Love!