Sunday, 31 March 2013



{Harper} Looking after her baby dolls is by far her favourite type of play. Even more so when her own Mummy plays along with her. "I be Mummy number one and you be Mummy number two." She kisses them, rocks them to sleep, takes them for walks, breastfeeds them and changes their nappies.
"I'm a good Mummy, because they never cry" she proudly tells me.

{Finn} Celebrating his fifth birthday with a simple Fireman Sam cake and a sparkler candle.
Seems hard to believe that my first baby is half way to double digits. But he is and I am so proud of the boy he is becoming; kind, curious, funny, sensitive and creative. Love him. Big time.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{birthday dinner at the noodle house. new fireman sam toy joined us for tea}
{slippery noodles and harper persisting with chopsticks for the entire meal made things interesting...and messy}
{a little extra birthday present we stumbled apon for our fire-fighter in the making. We even got the chance to talk to the firemen but Finn's nerves took over and those millions of questions he asks me about firemen/fire trucks each and every day vanished when the real deal was in front of him. It doesn't matter because he was happy to stand in front of the truck and take in all the details}
{A visit to Canberra's Scupture Gardens. What do you do when you approach a mirror scupture? You scream at it. Obviously.}
{lashes and fly-away hair}
{harper prefers to shampoo her own hair these days. independent little one. not getting shampoo in your eyes is problematic when you are in charge of both rinsing and eye covering duties though}
{reading a book to me. she is just as expressive when she reads as when she talks}


  1. so gorgeous amber!! love H doting on her baby (a good mama indeed!) and of course your big 5 yr old. give just seems so terribly grown up doesnt it. a fully fledged CHILD! such beautiful shots of him w the cake - looks like it was just perfect for him and so cute - a happy boy indeed :) love all the expressive shots of H - i cracked up at the showering one, she is doing a fine job!

    1. Half way to double digits. That can't be right can it? ;) he was very happy with his low key birthday. So was his mama ;)

  2. Fin and his amazing curls!

  3. Harper looks very caring the way she's looking after her dolls! Precious photos. :)

  4. Your photos always make me smile. Happy Birthday to your darling Finn. I can't believe he is five! My Finn isn't even two yet so it is hard to imagine having a five year old!
    Love that I found your blog. I'm doing Jodi's 52 Project as well.

  5. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous, blonde boy! I LOVE that first two photo of him. He looks totally impressed and thrilled with the sparkles, and that smile and those eyes (in the second one) just melt me. My other favorite is the one of Harper's lashes and fly-away hair; so beautiful and carefree. The screaming at the mirror sculpture is too funny.

  6. Happy Birthday to Finn! It looks like a great party, and low key is definately the way to go in my book! Amber, your photos just get better and better - every week I see something new in them. I especially love the 'five' one of Finn - His grin is just so cheeky. My fave of Harper is the one of just her eyes in the bath - the perspective is perfect. More please!

  7. Super lovely shot of Harper with her baby doll.... melts my heart! Finn has one happy face to see his cake which by the way is a great way to combine all the things he likes.

  8. That photo of Harper lovingly kissing her baby is the sweetest! Finn looks like he had a blast on his birthday! Five does sound so much older, doesn't it?!