Sunday, 3 March 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013
{Harper} A trip to the Annual Canberra Show. Our first as a family. There were animals, clown shows, rides and showbags but all the kids had their sights set on was a soft serve ice-cream. An hour and a half in, it bucketed with rain and we started to plan how we were going to get the kids back to the car. Running in the rain, Finn spotted the ice-cream van and reminded us about his ice-cream wish. We were drenched already, so adding dripping soft serve ice-creams at this point didn't actually seem that ridiculous. In reality it was, but the kids loved every moment of it.   
{Finn} Planning his ferris wheel ride. Pesky rain meant we didn't even make it over to the rides.
Link Love: There are a huge collection of bloggers who are participating in Project 52 via Che & Fidel. Jodi has encouraged us to share our favourite portrait from another blog from the previous week. Last week I loved the photo and story behind it over at Lamb loves Fox.
The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{what rain?}
{listening to an audio book in his sister's room}
{three solid days of rain. this kind of weather is pretty much unheard of in canberra}
{rain, hail or shine we walk to school. living six doors down from finn's school I kinda take that as a given}
{catching raindrops}
{checking for spiders}
{a gardening class with friends. this was pretty much the perfect playdate. read all about it  here}
{soaking up the instructions and information}
{harper is what I would call an expressive talker. her face moves constantly as she chats. eye rolling, eyebrows lifting, mouth curling; she says just as much with her facial expressions as with her words. for a while now I have been trying to capture her in "talk mode", but with limited success. This week I took on board an idea from jodi over at che & fidel and asked her open ended questions as I snapped away. I kept the conversation rolling and quietly pressed the shutter release. it worked a treat.} 
{she's never far behind}
{lemon face}


  1. oh amber. LOVE the 2 portraits - the intense icecream eating w icecream pouring down harpers hand is just OUT OF CONTROL gorgeous! especially laughing as i know that photo will NEVER exist of finn, haha! so cute. and the shot of finn and ferris wheel just perfectly captures that wistfulness of childhood, imagining his big ride. feels a little meloncholy too, knowing it didnt happen due to rain. so sorry your trip got cut due to the downpour, those running in the rain shots are just amazing and well done too on harper chatting, you captured her expressiveness so well!! the first one of that series really stopped me - she just looks like such a CHILD there, baby no more and even w glimpses of the beautiful woman she will become. you can really see her face structure and character coming through!

    1. Ha! You guessed it. Finn's ice-cream picture was super neat and tidy. So Finn.
      She does look like a girl now, espeically when I glance back on the DD photos from early last year and compare. I also get glimpses of what she will look like when she is a teenager/adult, especially when she really ramps up those expressions ;)

  2. So many lovely photos to look at, but I cannot go past the first one. It is fantastic!

  3. Wow... those pics are too sweet! Harper´s painted face while eating gelati is so so cute! How beautiful she is!
    The gardening class sounds very cool... wish we would have something like this here in Austria!
    ... and Finn´s lemon face is truly hilarious!

    Wonderful amount of wonderful photos... you do a great job!

  4. All wonderful as always but my absolute favourite that I have kept coming back to today is the first of the B-sides. I love her eyes and her expression and the way the painting emphasises them so beautifully. Another gorgeous week.

  5. I love "catching raindrops"!

  6. wow - really lovely collection of the week Amber, really truly. I love the one of Finn with the umrella - such fun, and colourful
    xx (ps - sorry for the comment-bombing, I'm FINALLY getting a chance to catch up on your blog - it's been on my to do list for months...)