Saturday, 8 June 2013


{Harper} Coffee date

{Finn} A visit to the National Museum of Australia.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)

{The sign says that you can't swim in the water but there was nothing about touching it right?}
{currently obsessed with books by Alison Lester}
{communicating via walkie talkies}
{making small changes to her room}
{after years of breastfeeding to sleep/co-sleeping/sitting next to her until she falls asleep, Harper is now happy to go to sleep by herself. And as she proclaims to anyone who will listen, "and now I sleep all the way to the morning."
A statement that is true, and glorious.}


  1. a lovely collection! love the outings but OH Harper 'wild and free' on the swing is just perfection - the utter childlike abandon is so lovely. and your little girl all grown up - sleeping on her own AND all night - cheers all around for that :) those photos - so angelic in the golden light - they are just so much loveliness.... looooove! Finn's action shots are fab as well. xx

  2. I have to agree with Kate - I just LOVE the picture of Harper on the swing. You need to print it HUGE and hang it on a wall. And the ones of Finn catching are pretty cool too. Well captured!

  3. Amber what a beautiful blog you have, I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover! Will be following in the future - and your babies are divine xxx

  4. Ooh, lovely Amber! COngratulations on Harper's sleeping - glorious indeed! That last photo of her eyelashes and chubby little lips is so precious! I love how you capture all Finn's little character traits - the eggcarton walkie talkie is fabulous.

  5. Harper's sleeping face is so round and smooshy and perfect. And Finn with his egg carton. Great shots, as always!

  6. Well done Mama on the nights of breastfeeding and settling, although exhausting I'm sure you will look back on these times fondly. Her squishy little sleeping face is too cute! I'm with Kate and Tarnya on the swing shot as well, it's fantastic! With her head thrown back and her hair flowing, that is childhood bliss in a photo!

  7. Some really cool shots there. Lovin the peek-a-boo.