Sunday, 23 June 2013


{Harper} What was planned to be a quiet week at home, turned into a busy few days at work, after a colleague had a family emergency and I was called into work as the relief teacher at our local Playschool. There was no time to arrange alternative care for the kids, so I bought them along each day. Luckily they both don't seem to mind when I need to shift from Mummy mode to teacher mode, and happily joined in with the other children, sang songs, painted, played and listening to stories. They were flexible, patient and helpful in everyway.

On Friday I wasn't needed at work so with Finn at school I made sure Harper and I slotted in some quality time together. I asked Harper what she wanted to do today. Her response, without much hesitation: "Let's bake cookies, ones with shapes. Oh and stuff to sprinkle on top of them." It happened, and it was lovely.

{Finn} He asked how to write a few words and I told him that I will write them on his paper so he can copy them underneath.
"No thanks Mummy, I just want my words on here. Can you call out the letters and I will write them?"
Finn always has a very particular way he likes things to be done.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{Love that 'Dad' was unintentionally followed by 'LOL'. Well, he is a funny Daddy}
{our friend Jess dropped off a terrarium that she wasn't using anymore. The kids set straight to work setting up a habitat for their plastic animals.}
{scooter buddies}
{the gorgeous assistant I work with bought along these princess figurines to entertain Harper before the Playschool session began. She was captivated.}
{During the week one of Lachie's work mates gave us his unwanted trampoline. Not only did he generously give it to us, but he arranged a trailer to transport it to us and helped Lachie put it together. Before the poles, safety mats and net went up we let the kids have a jump, just like we did it back in the 80s}
{patting down her static hair}
{when I gave Finn the "5 minutes till we leave for school" warning on Friday he immediately burst into tears. I assumed that he was upset that he would have to finish up playing with his toys (as it the case most mornings) but I was wrong.
"Mummy, I am feeling sad because I won't get to see Harper until the end of the day. I will miss her." Always one to creatively solve a problem he asked if he could have a few photos of Harper to take with him to school. He even popped them in a ziplock bag so "they stay safe".}
{diver's googles, designed and made by Finn}
{the finished product.}


  1. Gosh these two are so gorgeous, and so lovely with each other!

    (your link on Che and Fidel is for your preview post, so no one will be able to comment)

    1. Thank you for letting me know Sophie. All fixed now :)

  2. These photos are lovely - you can see the closeness of the two and it makes me think that they're so lucky. Kellie xx

  3. Beautiful photos! Love that look on Finn's face as he does his writing. He looks very pleased with himself!

  4. wow for an unexpectedly busy week, you sure managed to have some fun and capture some gems!! :) firstly, dont you have amazing friends (well, apart from me of course haha!) - a new terrarium AND a trampoline!!! how exciting :) bet your kids are loving both. Finn's letter literally made me LOL ;) that is so cute.
    harper's portrait w flower pressed to her cheek is just breathtaking. and F's goggles are the coolest. love those kiddos - great work on these magical moments captured.
    OH AND OF COURSE - the photos of Harper - ***MELT***** - how precious is that!!! sweet sweet boy -and i bet H was touched too :) what a cute idea to take them to school and take such good care of them too! loveeeee it.

    1. I was surprised that I had anything on my camera card after this crazy-busy week!
      We do have amazing and generous friends (like you, of coarse ;)). We are very lucky indeed :)

  5. I love that Finn misses Harper. They will love to read about this time all through their lives. What a gorgeous record you have created. And I love the blue blue eyes all through this post. Perfect.

  6. They are both so adorable. I love how when you look through your blog it is so easy to see Finn and Harpers individual personalities - his amazing inventions and curious nature, and her sunny yet independant personality. Can't wait to see you all again, just warn F & H that there might be my camera in their faces that day as well ;)

  7. Lovely and so full of personality, as always. That first shot of Harper handing Finn the flower is absolutely heartwarming.

  8. What delightful children you have! Love those portraits, and that biscuit dough... yum! Which has just reminded me that I wanted to bake some cheese biscuits this weekend. Perfect for rainy days. x

  9. I love all the cool stuff Finn designs and makes himself! He would fit right in here, Maddie would haul out all the craft supplies.

    How sweet is it that Finn was going to miss Harper and wanted her photo?!

    I'm in love with that 7th photo down B side photo of Harper! Her eyes look so beautiful!