Saturday, 1 June 2013


{Harper} Her independence is growing.
"Don't worry Mummy, I will brush my hair today." 

{Finn} A long awaited visit to the Australian War Memorial.
Each day for the past week Finn has woken up and greeted me with "Is it the War Memorial Day today?" He's a boy LOVES a bit of war history. Living in Canberra we are lucky to be able to visit this tourist attraction (a free one I might add) on a regular basis. Listening to Finn's questions and reflections as we wander through the exhibitions always surprises me. Even though the reality of war is very foreign to him, there is something about the themes of war that he connects with and somehow even understands.

*Sidenote: Finn was determined to dress "army-man" like on the day, using army coloured clothes found in his drawers, gumboots (closest he could find to tall army boots) and a borrowed dress-up hat with modifications, of coarse (handmade chin strap and army badge on top). He was so proud of himself when a war veteran stopped him inside the Memorial and talked to him about his costume.

The B-sides (because two photos seems a little minimalist for me…)
{inspecting the 'Simpson and his Donkey' statue}
{controlling the interactive Vietnam war helicopter}
{upon returning home Finn quickly made himself a row of army medals to stick onto his shirt. Gotta admire his attention to detail right?}
{"I'm just going to take a photo of that lady walking over there"}
{Saturday morning soccer: cold, wet, muddy, windy, but still fun}


  1. such wonderful images and how sweet that your boy feels so connected to learning about our history! xx

  2. ok Finn did not dissapoint me w the helmet pics!!! HOW CUTE does he look, all costumed up w that giant helmet. love the customisation too ;) he is such a character, love hearing about his interests and passions. sounds like it was another great day at the war memorial. will have to keep an eye out in opshops for some camo gear for him :) a great collection as always - ummmm that bath shot of harper washing her hair is incredible. should be a baby shampoo ad or something!! it's just stunning. x

  3. Beautiful, as always! I love how you always manage to capture their personalities so clearly. And I second Kate - loving the B&W bathtub shots. Those big bright eyes and those fingers all tangled up in bubbly hair! Lovely.

  4. beautiful pictures, as usual! So clear and bright :)

  5. It's lovely to pop back and see the smiling faces of your two! The war museum looks fantastic - definately would love to take my boy there one day. I love the photo of Finn sitting on the steps, it seems sort of old-fashioned, but in a modern kind of way (that's my poorly described way of saying I really like it!). My favourite is the one of Harper and Lachie - I love how you are shooting up towards them - it really captures the mood they are sharing.