Sunday, 16 September 2012

Documenting Delight: day two hundred and sixty {lost in translation}

It is hard working trying to get Finn & Harper in the same frame.

To encourage my two to be together while I took a shot I asked Finn to whisper a secret in Harper’s ear.
Obviously a little confused by my request, Finn rubbed her earlobe instead.


  1. Oh my goodness! Melting! Both are so lovely but that last shot just shows such love and closeness. You may have trouble getting them in the same frame but it looks like they have such a close bond. Just wonderful.

  2. This is just adorable. I love that he rubbed he earlobe, so cut and the squishy hug just oozes love ;)

  3. lol!!! i love it and each shot captures them perfectly - finn giving a gentle/distant ear-lobe-rub, Miss Harper just gets right on in there!!! so cute!

  4. this is so, so adorable. I love how you love your kids Amber, and I love that Finn and Harper are so very different and yet fit in to your family together like two little peas in a pod.
    Wonderful to have regular posting to check in on once more, and of course, thanks for all your lovely comments and support on my project. xx

    1. Thank you Sarah for your lovely comment. You are right, they are so incredibly different but somehow they seem to compliment each other and just gel (not always but most of the time ;) )
      Always happy to support your AMAZING blog and photographs. I am always inspired by your work when I stop by :)

  5. These are fabulous captures of their relationship- love them! I must also comment that Harper's pigtails are adorable.