Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and six {but I'm not a big girl!}

If you want to get a hostile reaction from Harper all you have to do is make reference to her being a “big girl”. Most little kids love to be called a “big kid” but not this lass. She’s the Peter Pan of the toddler world, she would just prefer to be a “baby girl”, thank you very much. Maybe she likes the simplicity of being a baby or maybe it’s because no one expects a baby to put their toys away or brush their teeth? Whatever it is, Harper thinks being a baby is where it’s at.

Today Harper was in baby role play mode:
H: Mummy you be the Mummy and I be the baby. You take care of me.

Off she crawled and came back with a toy dummy. I placed her on her back and she started sucking on the dummy, which is quite hilarious considering she would never take a dummy as a baby. Oh boy do I wish she did back then.

Probably a bit late to take up settling habit now though?


  1. heehee! Arent kids funny, the way they make up their minds on things - Harper clearly knows her mindset on growing up!! Soak it up while you can, huh. mmm perhaps a little late for the dummy unfort... eli would totally nab that off her if he could :)

  2. Hilarious! She's probably been here before and knows just how much responsibility growing up means. I think she is clever.

    And how funny is the dummy love. Blake never wanted one either - I guess he had/has his own personal, walking dummy!!!