Thursday, 11 October 2012

Documenting Delight: day two hundred and eight five {big bubble fun}

Yesterday we arrived at my Mum’s house for a little school holiday break and a catch up with family and friends. Living 4.5 hours away from their Nana, Finn and Harper always look forward to these trips.

This afternoon we headed out to my Mum’s backyard for a bit of bubble fun.  It was wonderful to watch Finn and Harper take concrete bubble duty rolls; Finn was the bubble maker and Harper was the bubble popper. They were happy to stick with these roles for over 30 minutes. Yes you heard right, no squabbling over whose turn it was to hold the bubble wand. It was bliss. Working with a prime lens, it was also a brilliant work out for me. I don’t think I have run that much in a very long time!


  1. these are stunning photos amber and of course a super fun activity - what huge bubbles!! i love the last shot - such a big reach of those arms for a tiny bubble. her fingers in the sky are just sooo cute! xx

  2. Awesome big bubbles, I love bubble photos and these are so pretty!

  3. These are awesome shots, Amber!