Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Documenting Delight: day two hundred and ninety nine {not one but two snow white costumes}

After Harper's music morning with Kate, our four kids got together for a lunchtime playdate. Much to Harper’s delight Lily has the most impressive dress up collection, one that includes not one but two Snow White costumes. Sharing issues over that much desired dress up-  eliminated!
I love this busy and colourful image: two girls very happy with their costumes, one little brother who wasn’t going to miss out on a photo op and sweet Finn in the background engaged in his own imaginative play moment.


  1. oh so glad you got a good shot of this! yes it captures all 4 of them so well (including little bro just trying to be part of the fun!). Love how eli's shirt is totally soaked from his drink too, lol!!! cutest 2 lil snow whites in town!

  2. Another photo that makes me smile so hard it hurts. Those kids are so cute.