Saturday, 6 October 2012

Documenting Delight: day two hundred and eighty {getting creative with cars}

This morning Harper spotted a picture of a character from the movie ‘Cars’ and wanted to find out what its name was. Like all kids from the Google generation she held my hand and took me over to the laptop to get her answer. Finn joined us and I found a cool site that had all the characters in a slideshow. We went through each one (who knew there were so many!) and talked about the different colours and features. I suggested that they get the car mat out and play with their cars. Finn responded:

But we only have two of the ‘Cars’ characters”  (said with a sad puppy dog eyes)

I was just about to launch into my ‘we all need to be grateful for the things we have’ speech when Finn piped up:
“What about we get out our cars and pretend they are ‘Cars’ characters!”

Yes! Please do that! What a great solution!

So Finn and Harper found cars in their cars box that had similar colours to the ‘Cars’ characters and gave them names.
“Look this one can be Lightening Mcqueen!”

After they had exhausted all the characters Harper started creating names for the remaining cars.

Harper: This one will be ‘Motor Rinky’

Finn: Good name Harps. Good name.


  1. I love this little series, Amber, and the story that goes with it. I love it when my kids play together so nicely and use their imaginations. Just thought I'd say that I really enjoy your project. I don't always have time to leave a comment as my computer time is so limited, but you have such sweet children and I love the thoughtful way that you are raising them and documenting the moments of their lives.

    1. Lisa, thank you for checking out my blog and your lovely comment. I am the same, I do need to restrict my "blog viewing time" or it does get out of hand but I do love reading blogs in our DD group. I love the diversity and the beautiful way the members in our group (like you!) document the big and the small moments.
      Thanks again Lisa, you are so sweet :)

  2. That's adorable, they were having such a great time in their imaginary world. I love it when kids have great imaginations, and your kiddos certainly do. I chuckled when I read that Harper led you over to the computer to look up the answer- smart girl!

  3. It is so the same for me. And I often look at the blogs while I am holding Neve and it is so hard to write one handed with a wriggly baby! But sometimes you just feel you have to say WOW!!! This is definitely one of those times. I just love the light and depth of these images.

  4. ok, finding it hard to get past that adorable tummy, just looks so very tickle/kissable!!! sooooo cute. but apart from that - a gorgeous little session and made me chuckle at the kids pretending regular cars were.... uh... CAR cars ;) hilarious! good on Finn for troubleshooting that one! love the car mat and the sweet little adventure x