Sunday, 11 November 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and seventeen {he leaves me love notes}

Under my pillow or against my bedside table (no wait that’s a bedside stool) he leaves me envelopes to find. They always have a large ‘M’ on them, so I know they are for me.

F: Mummy did you get my letter?

Me: Yes I did it was lovely. Thank you. Can you tell me what it says?

F: No.

Me: You’ve got lots of letters and pictures here, what does it all say?

F: I don’t know Mummy. I can’t read.

I don’t care what all the letters and symbols mean. He leaves me surprise notes. That’s enough for me.


  1. Oh that is beautiful! I love the big 'M'!!! And I love that he is so literal - 'I can't read mum' hahaha

    Hannah is so similar to Finn. She leaves little notes around the place too, on post-its :) Don't you just love this age, they do the sweetest things!

  2. oh amber. my heart seriously just melted with this post!!!! that is just soooo precious, what a darling loving boy he is! i mean, love letters from your little man, what more could a mama want? TOO FUNNY that he then says he cant actually read them, he is such a hoot. Well my guess is its something along the lines of 'i love you, you are the best mum ever' :) **big smile here**

  3. Your little man is such a sweetheart, Amber.