Thursday, 8 November 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and fourteen {new school}

{walking to could i not have visions of these two doing this together in years to come?...maybe not always holding hands though}

Today Finn came a little closer to being a fully fledge pre-schooler, completing his second Pre-School transition visit at his new school.  Finn has spent two years at a lovely community based Playschool after our decision to delay his start at Preschool until next year. That decision has been a good one for our Finn. He has shown a lot of growth socially and emotionally during his second year;  interacting positively and talking about his friends, moving easily between activities (well, most of the time) and showing readiness and interest in making a transition to a learning environment beyond the safety and familiarity of this special place.

Today Finn held my hand and entered his new classroom at our local school. An Early Childhood school that caters for children between Pre-school to Year 2 and that is six doors down from our house. Yes, six doors. We basically have no excuse to be late for school come January 2013. Attending a school within our own suburb was very important to us. We want our children to be part of a community, to see their friends at school but also have the chance to interact with them easily after school, and the chance to walk to and from school is a given perk! It is such an incredible bonus that this school has a welcoming feel and a teaching philosophy that values the importance of play, enquiry and investigation. I couldn’t help but see displays on the walls and children at work throughout the school and think, my guy is going to blossom in this learning environment.

It feels good to know he is ready. There will be challenges ahead I’m sure, but mainly I am just eager to see what that inquisitive mind and kind heart of his is capable of in this new stage in his life.
{the hanging sculpture in the foyer. i LOVE that play is valued at this school}

{finn was quite taken by this blocks table: "mum, it has fake grass on it. fake grass!"}


  1. That sounds like an amazing school, so many exciting things to look forward too. I love the top shot of brother and sister holding hands- sweetness!

  2. aww love the walking to school shot - many, many, MANY more days to come with that scene, I am sure! :) so exciting to see him settling in already, he is so ready and he is going to love it there - so great to have such a quality school so close by!

  3. Oh wow! If we had a school like that - that was geared specifically to the lower grades - 6 doors down from our house, well, how could you pass up the opportunity! Looking forward to hearing Finn's experiences there and that top photo is utter sweetness Amber!