Monday, 5 November 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and eleven {camera phone}

Lately Finn has been getting up very early in the morning. Ridiculously early. Ever the trooper Lach has been getting up with him.

This morning when Harper and I woke up, Finn seemed happy and I asked Lach what they have been up to this morning.

“Finn’s been taking photos on your phone.”
OK then.

And so this new camera obsession continued after Lach left for work. I followed Finn around as he decided what to capture. What an amazing insight to see what interests him; a doorknob, our BBQ, his new shoes, screws in the furniture and picture book covers. Listening to his commentary was also hilarious:

“Oh, it’s all blurry!”

“Now just stand right there, very still.” (said to a cupboard door)

“That’s a beauty!”

Maybe we have another photo enthusiast in our family?


  1. Oh how great that he is into taking photos too! I can't wait till Lior is a bit grown up and can take his own photos!

  2. Hehee! Love it!! I love seeing what things interest children to photograph. That top photo is so fantastic, just says it all. Love love love!!

  3. That is great that he is taking his own pictures and showing appreciation for his work. Telling a cupboard door to stay still, what a classic! Lovely photos of his new hobby, I just love the last one of him showing Harper, so cute that she is interested as well.

  4. Love it!! Go Finn! All three of these are just perfect.

  5. this is so wonderful and your photos capture it perfectly - budding little photographer exploring w new eyes! what a fun idea. i have some old digital cameras ive been meaning to charge up for lily to 'play' w and this is reminding me to do it! love how he shows them to harper and is so set on capturing his shots so creatively - go finn!

  6. Seriously, I think Finn and Hannah are twins from another life! haha
    She does this all the time and has also been found telling inatimate objects to 'smile' and 'stay right there'! ;)

    Love the last photo - a proud photographer!