Thursday, 20 December 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and fifty five {last day of playschool for mr finn}

While I was a little emotional about this phase in Finn’s life coming to a close, Finn, well, wasn’t….

Me: Finn, did you know today is your very last day at Playschool?
Finn: Yeah, I know but its ok, next I will be a Pre-schooler.

He is ready for the next stage, that’s for sure.
{starting the playschool day with puzzles}


  1. awwww so glad you recorded this day... i totally forgot to! wow he looks so grown up and YES SO READY for preschool! what a champ :) well, lily cried all the way home from her last day saying she didnt want to go to big school anymore, she just liked her little school! but i think tiredness played a part as she has since been telling ppl how excited she is for preschool. kids! ;)

  2. Oh my... Max is starting with kindergarten next year and I´m definitely more nervous than he is! Nevertheless... it will be a cute time too! Your boy is so sweet... love his blonde curls... adorable!

  3. It's great that he's so confident about moving on, what a great milestone to capture.