Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and sixty {happiness on christmas day}

{testing out harper's new wooden cake}
{can you feel the excitement?}
{happy finn. I don't think there is anything better than experiencing christmas with children.....well apart from experiencing it AS a child that is ;) ) 
{present smash hit: one fireman sam helment that plays the theme song over and over and over.....}

{delicious christmas lunch}

{so who can read the cracker joke for me?}
{what do you do when it is too cold and wet to burn off your christmas lunch with backyard cricket? you raid the dress up box and dance to karaoke as a family of coarse!}


  1. LOVE that picture of the two of them! Straight to the pool room!
    And I can't believe you had a cold, wet Christmas. We can't possibly live in the same country!

    1. Crazy hey? We certainly didn't expect it and left for Christmas in Mittagong with suitcases full of Summer clothes. We had to borrow jumpers from relatives once we got there!

  2. what a gorgeous xmas day - the shot of the two of the together is just PERFECTION - what a great one to get right at the end huh!!!! so happy and sweet :) um the xmas feast looks DELISH too!