Sunday, 9 December 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and forty five {playschool christmas party}

{siblings, chilling out together}
{a gift given to us by finn at the party. adorable or what?}

{six buddies together:edmund, finn, lily, harper, zoe & eli. i am still in complete shock that we managed to get six children in one spot, still and kinda looking at the camera. a rare, rare moment!}


  1. such a lovely relaxed day - wonderful moments w our families together and i love the shot of harper and finn chilling out together. and YES that poem brought a quiet tear to my eye!! (im a sucker like that haha!)

  2. These are all gorgeous. I really love the one of Harper under the blue hat, such a pretty shot with the little wisps of hair poking out. And the cuteness of Lily clutching onto Finn in the second last shot is adorable!