Monday, 24 December 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and fifty nine {stills from our christmas eve}

1.       Waking up to raindrops on our fruit trees. The rain has been a long time coming.

2.       In charge of rolling the biscuit dough. Harper did a little more dough eating, than rolling.

3.       The last book in our Christmas Book Advent. Finn asked if there will be a new book advent after Christmas day. His love for books is intense.

4.       A Christmas Eve tradition: new pjs and a new Christmas book each. A Christmas Tree for Pyn is set to be a new Christmas favourite.

5.       Christmas colours special treat. The small chocolate bar to the right was given to Finn and Harper earlier in the day by our sweet next door neighbour. At the time I said that they couldn’t eat it straight away but they could have it after dinner. Finn was so concerned that someone would take his bar that he wrote his name in permanent marker over the wrapper and hid it in the fridge. Yes, he is going to be that kind of label- everything- in -the fridge -flatmate in 15 years time.

6 & 7. The ice-cream trance.

8. Another storm approaching.

9. Safe and loved.

10. Ready for Christmas morning.


  1. LOL at Finn and the chocolate. Funny little fellow!

  2. oh i love all these little xmas eve moments - esp of course the pjs and books - and the FUN xmas eve dessert. OH FINN - the choc bar.... he is a crack up!!!!