Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Documenting Delight: day three hundred and forty one {waiting for bubbles to land}


  1. Oh that first image is gold!

  2. teehee perfectly captured - they love it huh!!! i love that combo of both eagerly anticipating and recoiling at the same time!!! she is so hilarious!

  3. I love that first image too. So precious.

  4. I have been following along loving your blog as usual, totally struggling to write anything, as usual! That first picture is incredible, just perfect and feels so close and intimate and also that she is completely unaffected by the camera. A very special picture. I also loved the birthday party pictures and everything else too!

    1. Julia, you always write the kindest things on my blog. Thank you for checking in (oh, and for pinning a few of my images in our Pinterest board - you are so sweet!) and commenting when you can.
      I love how you have described the first photo of Harper. Even though I was standing over Harper as the bubble machine came by her (we were at her music class), seeing that she had her eyes closed I am pretty sure she didn't even notice that I was there. I love the little smile she has on her face :)
      Thanks again Julia. You are a sweetheart. x

  5. This is super cool!! Love the snaps together too!